I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

One interesting day.

I was told to run quite a few errands today.

But what was an eye-opener was the Office of the President or something. I was told to find a secretary of this Prof...and WOW...this Secretary actually has a room to herself! I had to knock to get in!

So secretaries can be very high-class too!

And I started to try to answer calls today too. But funny thing is when most of the people are not in the one would call...but when Zoe is back, the calls will all start coming in. I could see that she's quite stressed...quite alot of things for her to do! And I can't seem to be of much help but I tried!

My lunch hour was quite fruitful in the sense that I went to the sports club room and CM helped me with the "stamping" and cutting up of the vouchers. So at least Nexus is settled...and I got round to calling up some of the people I was supposed to contact...Sigh...No more YS...alot more work to do! ;P

I was planning to meet minmin at compass point when suddenly V called me at about 4pm to ask if I could work today...hmm...y not right? Got money y not? So I said yes...travelled down to town once again. Town was PAAAAACKED with people! So there was quite of a jam...but surprisingly...when I reached the shop it wasn't so crowded...sometimes the 3 of us, C, C and I could stand around to talk. But once again, the funny thing is that once one of them goes away, the shop will be swamped with people with requests so I couldn't even talk much to VAL! She happened to come by and recognised me! She's so pretty...haha...getting prettier I mean...sigh...the WHOLE world is advancing without me!

All right...I closed shop at 12, but hung ard at P & C with Ch until about 1am! I must be mad...and yeah...gonna spend what I earn on a top there...whatever.

Okie...cont. story-telling after my bath...gotta work later! ;P

Thursday, June 03, 2004

My daily exercise

To the toilet, then the pantry, then back to my workstation.

No wonder i'm putting on weight! ;P

Back at work from a one-day break

Yes, it's my lunch hr now but I decided to spend it in the office Drinking mash potato.

Yes I added too much water.

Anyhows, morning was usually unproductive. I keep wondering how come everyone else seem so busy and I'm so slack? Not like i've no work on my hands but it's obvious that I've no sense of urgency. The deadline given to me seems like eons later. Oh man, I'm such a terrible person really.

Read up ALOT on Europe on my many places which I want to go!

And yeah! I found someone in the office whom I like to's always nice to have at least someone you'll look forward to see walking around the office. He's pretty tall, and looks very decent. I come I like both extremes? The fair scholarly type and the dark sporty type too! Hmm...haha...i've just got weird taste I guess...but both type appeals. Strangely though I haven't seen this guy smile...and I'm usually MOST entrigued by people's smile...hmm...

Oh yeah, watched abit of Miss Universe last night..GASP. These girls are SO SO pretty with FAB FAB Absolutely FABULOUS smiles and figures!

MY gosh! It's like...such a pleasure to look at them!!! I personally think that Puerto Rico has this smile you'll never forget...USA is very Sunny too! And well...they all look good in their different ways!

As I was gwacking at how pretty these people are...XY (online) told me that i'm chio too! My gosh...she's like the nicest girl I've ever known man...too kind to be true..bwaahaha

all right...time to wash my cherry tomatoes! hee...weird lunch i'm having. ;P

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Food food and more food

It's truly a holiday for me.

Woke up at about 10 when they sun was up and shining on my butt.

ATE a HUGE breakfast/lunch shortly after. (Sweet potato, cake, kuah, durians, milo...)

Watched Godzilla while eating...wondering how come godzilla looks so fakingly ugly...I thought Japan would be pretty "advance" in movie making...when I was full...decided that i was back to the bed I went. Besides, it was too early to go out to meet pk and M and her bf.

Tricked them into gg to the food fair with me. Yeah...AGAIN. Cos' there are some things I wanted to try but haven't had the chance to the last time mah. So decided to try again!

Got my fat ass off my bed and bathed. Met PK, M and her bf at about 4pm...found out that there's a famous brand sale and Metro sale going on too! Walked abt in the Metro hall for a while...then moved on to the Food Fair.

Tried out nougats, alot of juice (which we decided not to buy in the end and got "scolded";P) Bought sausages...and tried this Sichuan cold noodle that really tasted quite nice! =) I managed to buy my "egg-wrapped duck" ($4 for 6 pieces) and an ostrich pizza for only $5! Couldn't find the fried chicken which I set out to try! =( And then it was time to leave...we didn't walk through everything...and didn't try alot of stuff...but they had to I feel kind of bad making them travel so far but they kind of went home empty-handed...

Walked to visit Pk's friend working in another hall for a while...den PK and I went to check out the famous brand's sale.

Honestly...there's nothing much to buy. Still I wasted $19.90 on 2 tiny Zara tops which I probably won't be wearing for another half a yr...provided that I lose my 7 kgs by the time 6 mths is up. Bwahaha...can't stand myself.

Got home at about 7pm...den set out to prepare dinner!

Oh my gosh...what a HUGE dinner too! Baked potatoes in "soup" instead of sauce(I added too much milk), fried rice, a pizza, Baked seaweed chicken/Lemon chicken and sausages, vegetables, fishball soup, duck slices wrapped in egg) I was SO full.

Btw...I think i'm becoming a fat meanie. Sat on the train at tanah merah going to Expo. Didn't realise that a lady with a baby in her hands was standing in front of me cos' I was busy sms-ing. A guy sitting 4 seats away from me had to give up his seat. probably part of the reason why i didn't budge was because she said herself that she didn't want to sit cos' it's only one stop.

Still I feel like a meanie. Why am I hesitating to give up my seat?

No wonder I'm so fat.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

2nd day at work...

I continued my research on China. Lonely planet is really pretty up on so many interesting things.

Was given another job. To do translation for a script on the NUS campus tour. Was told to get it done by Wed. Thought it would be no problem...well well, I was proven wrong at the end of the day.

I was kind of like trying to look busy before lunch but after lunch time just kind of "flew by". My colleague finally asked me out for lunch...but too bad I had to make a trip to Kent Ridge so i couldn't go with them...Time flew by as I tried to eat alot to keep myself awake...then I started to "panic" when I realised that I haven't done much. And that they guy sitting beside me seemed to be very busy...and the worst part is...he'll be leaving for France tmr and I'll b taking over his job officially starting Thurs.

OMG...I can imagine my workload already...okie okie...better not think too much cos' least tmr's a Public hols. Time to catch up with my sleep.

It's been a "bad" day sort of.

1. Everytime I wanted to take the internal would leave just before I reach the bus-stop.
2. I've been eating so much at the work place I'm convinced that I'll grow even fatter.
3. I cannot fit into alot of my old clothes. Says alot about the fats i've put on.
4. Bus 151 was practically speeding home cos' when I tried to read at the back seat, I landed up with a MEGA headache. Still it was caught in a jam.
5 I was late to meet a sponsor to pick up some stuff. least he was very nice to wait and even gave me a lift home!

I had a good (Too good perhaps) dinner at home.

And yeah...actually...nothing much i should be complaining about...except for a very BIG and full stomach now.

hmm...met another of my boss today. She apparently just returned from a one-month trip. Another of my boss will be coming back on Thurs.

Quite nice to be holding high positions at IRO. Can go travelling!

Oh yeah, it's irritating. My com in the office. It's SO slow it's like i spend half of my life waiting for it to load. The amazing thing is that there's alot of free space!

I think it's time I bring my own laptop to school. Ohh...btw I realised that alot of my colleagues listen to music whilst working. (At least they had earphones on)

That's a plus point i think....

I'm the Biggest idiot on Earth. Both literally and metaphorically.


I typed the whole story to my twin who was concerned...Copied it...then immediately highlighted something it's gone.

I'm nuts.

By the way...story goes like this.

We had a meeting today after my work. I was sitting across E...staring at him basically cos' of his radiant smile..irresistable. Haha.

It was quite a fun meeting. After the meetin was close to 10pm. I was really tired and SHOULD b gg home to catch the last episode of The Autumn story with my mum and rest cos' of work tmr...

But I didn't. Din know what I was thinking abt. Decided to go for supper with e girls though I know I won't b eating.

I think I was secretly hoping that e guys wld b there too.

Went NUH. Sat ard and chatted wif e girls. It was rather enjoyable really. But the guys never showed up.

One girl's father came to pick us up. I didn't know her really couldn't ask her father to fetch me home...wanted to stop by the main road...but before I cld open my mouth...he turned into Serangoon Gardens where one of e girls stay.

I alighted. Had to take a bus out to change buses. Took 73...crossed the road to wait for 70 or 76...felt like a TOTAL IDIOT cos' it's already 11's dark and I was alone...I was scared.

Waited for about 15 mins...wanted to cry I tell u...decided at about 11:30 that I shouldn't b waiting somemore cos' i didn't know if there were buses still!

So i had to part with money instead and took a cab...

I can't believe this...I was so close and yet so far away from home!!!

And I didn't get to watch the show...and I didn't complete the tasks that I set out to do...or rather I'm supposed to do.

I'm a failure.


First day at work...

To be truthful. I like my first day at work! =)

Was shown to my work cubicle...WOW. I actually have quite a big space all to myself! =) Was told what to do...and was shown to all the colleagues though up till now i can only remember the names of my direct supervisor and the manager in charge.

I spent part of my morning chatting with my friends online...;P Can't resist it...Msn and Icq was installed on the lousy com (it crashed on me at least 5 times! and it was SO slow!!! even worse than my home's!)

I kind of like read through what was given to me...and come the office suddenly became so empty...and was listening to my own stomach growl...

Didn't dare to go for lunch until someone told me to so i just had to bear with it.

Haha...until I decided to borrow the card from my manager to go to the toilet...then i realised that lunch is either from 12-1 or 1-2.

Went for lunch at 1:30...wanted to go Arts. Tried to call Siyi out but turns out that she's staying at Lakeside! Chatted with her though! Found that that she did really well at Han Yu Qiao! Am Happy for her!!! =)

Stupidly got on bus A2 which brought me to Science. Whatever lah...haha...So off I went...Then i saw this other student associate and sat down with her! I bought Ban Mian which was really quite nice! After chatting with her abit...(she was really nice btw! ;) Found out that she's actually from VJC and that she knew Wanyue and Cuiling! Cos' she was from the same class as Wanyue and she took French in Sec school too! We had the same teachers!! Mdm Tay and Monsieur Quenot! What a small world!!! =) It's no wonder I found her familiar! Even asked if she was from St nicks when I was introduced to her! ;P

I worked harder after Lunch...had to come up with a proper plan for the publicity stuff...was supposed to discuss with my manager...did more research and reading up on the unis with the given website on the materials...It was actually pretty interesting! Esp. the Fudan publication! To think that there's so much similarities in SEPs, be it in Shanghai or Hangzhou.

At about Sup asked if I was gg I went to ask my manager...she said she was too busy the entire day so we arranged to meet tmr morn instead. Hope she'll find my ideas ok...;P And I found out that I was supposed to work either from 8:30 till 5:30 or 9-6...of cos I chose the latter!

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I've been chatting to this NUS graduate these few days. He added me to his ICQ contact list.

Never have I been so put off and pissed by anyone on the net before.

He was asking abt my JC subject combi. I told him so...then he made this insensitive and horrible remark abt st nicks girls.

He said,"
its just so typical of st nicks people..
all the crazy unthinkable things that you people do..
switching subjects after one year for example..

and all the lesbiany.."

Oh my gosh...I was so fuming mad and offended. I said that I don't wish to talk to him anymore and that he's a MCP...and he actually scolded me for keeping him in suspense! He was like..."what's MCP? Mad Chinese Person? Male Chinese Prick?"

Oh my he dense or what man!?!??!

I have put him on my invisible list.

I so HATE him.

Fun Food Fair!!

Food fair was as expected.

Very crowded!!! Haha...but unexpectedly fun! We were squeezing with the ppl...trying to get our hands on the samples...but cos' we were hungry and very tempted by all the nice smells inside we bought quite alot of food. Taiwan sausages that were actually really oily and quite burnt (there were much nicer ones inside!) and a packet of fried beehoon. We stood ard to eat at little corners. We also got Prata with egg and fillings such as Tuna Mayo and Egg Mayo. Those were pretty special. The Wheatgrass drink was nice too!

Later we got a Prata with bbq duck pieces and floss. And Dodo fish sticks, Chrysanthemum Tea and Gui Ling Gao! Oh my! We ate so much! Bwahaha...and all whilst walking ard, sampling and buying and eating on the spot! But I thought it was really fun! Some TCS artistes were promoting the show A Man in his forties I think. It was interesting. Zheng Huiyu is really quite skinny. Chen Hanwei, Lin Xiaopei and Chen Tianwen etc were there. They were playing games with the audience.

We ended the day with Snow wasn't as nice as I remembered it to be...but well...I guess the "niceness" of food depreciates with your level of hunger! Bwahaha...cos' after our stomachs were filled...alot of things didn't seem that appealing anymore.

I went home a satisfied and happy but REALLY tired girl. I think the shoes are no good no good...;P

Sore Legs

Like what my MSN nick said...I've almost forgotten how tiring it is to be working.

What will I do without my mum man? Without her I probably will not be able to wake up in time for my work yesterday.

1 Old Chang Kee curry puff and a cup of milk later, i was off to orchard. Met this 19 yr old girl in the shop who calls herself Susan. She's from Ngee Ann Poly, a REALLY REALLY petite and skinny girl who's has 23-inch waist and is grossly underweight. But she's so nice! Though she's so small-sized and all, it seems like she's the one "looking after" me! Teaching me patiently all abt where to find what, how to label things and teaching me the cashiering and all! It's really quite different working inside a shop! The cashiering is already a challenge cos' after the payment we still must record on paper!

A girl called Sandy joined us later. She's my age, from NAP too...and is a typical trendy and funky girl on first glance...but she's also very friendly! I think they are very fun people to be with!

I had unagi bento from Tori-Q for lunch...WOW...the unagi was NICE! But because of poor management of funds, I landed up with only $2 for dinner! But before I cld "worry" abt it...N's Mum, the BIG boss came over to the shop! Of cos'...that'll mean no more slacking and alot more alert! But she was nice too cos' she bought some pastries back for all of us after her lunch/coffee break. Now that settled my dinner!

I basically stood around the entire day. Looking at the customers, try and help out whenever I can...and checking out all the accessories and clothes at the same time. It's amazing how some things appear to be quite plain or not eye-catching but when the customers tried it out...then we'll all realised how nice it looks! Haha

Humpf, my friends Did NOT drop by to visit...but well, I met PH (whom I haven't seen for a long long time), Cui, HW,Ah Moi and some other people who were shopping ard. It's always nice to see friends i think. Cui was just shopping ard and she bought stuff fr our neighbouring store! I was so envious cos' act was supposed to check out GSS with my friends mah...but decided to give that up in order to earn some money...

I was dead tired after I reached home at about 11 something. Gosh...My legs...almost can't feel them already!

Funnily I woke up at abt 9 this morn, so of cos' i went back to sleep. Finally woke up at abt 11, had my breakfast, a really HUGE one. Then went off to orchard again to get my pay...AND to shop ard! that's the REAL agenda.

Met KL on my way to cine! She's act working at a shop in Paragon! Went Cine, regretted wearing my skirt the moment i stepped into the building...but told myself not to think so much. shopped ard abt, bought a pair of earrings and a pouch. Tried to get to know the shop assistant better...since I might be working with her in thought I should establish ties...haha.

I also tried on some slippers at this neighbouring shop and was really tempted to buy...but cos i was spoilt for choice...couldn't decide to KIVed them.

Then I walked to Paragon with visiting KL in mind...but of cos' I couldn't miss out on the Metro Sale! Tried on lots of working clothes...but they do not fit! Either too tight or too loose! =( Went on to urban & co. Bought a quite useless pair of Skort.

Yes, Skort. It looks like a mini lime-green skirt which is REALLY quite cute from the front...but it's a pair of shorts from the back...made my legs look fat from the back...but I liked it so much I bought it anyway. Got a call from my mum...cos' I'm supposed to meet my mum and bro to go Expo for the food fair from then on it was Rushing all the way.

Rushed to try on clothes in Seed. Rushed to visit KL. Rushed down to Far East to buy my slippers...chatted with the girls for a bit...seems like they kind of missed having me ard! Am happy! =)

All right...shall give a seperate account of the Food fair later!