I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, August 13, 2004

STUPID cluster leader and residents at P*P

Yeah! since I was on e topic...YES! I must niam once again! What happened was both of us were lugging alot of things across the corridor in search of her room. When we passed by this lounge like place, a girl hopped out to ask if we want to join in the cluster meeting. I thought...wah...quite friendly. I said, yeah we will, but can we just put her things down in her room? She needs help.

"Yeah, y dun she go for our meeting so that we can give her all the help she needs?"

"Er...okay, that's good, but let us put down our stuff first can?"

"ok" - then off she turned her back into her room.

The only thing we could do next is to try and search for her room...we walked straight...passed 2 find...slippers outside her room?!? Damn. Wrong. Found out that we walked into another blk...and it was like impossible for us to get back to her blk. Had no choice but to shout for help. (Note: I was already SUPER tired by then, walkin ard e whole day in heels and contacts)

The girl had no choice but to come out again, and she actually commented how "stupid" we were to miss her room, which is like hidden in some dark corner that doesn't look like there was a single occupant.


I popped my head into the "meeting" and asked if someone could just lend a helping hand cos' it was REALLY tough on her draggin the huge wld b nice if a guy could help.

"Sorry, we're in the middle of a meetin".

"Is the meeting THAT impt?"



And in any case, if she bothered to ask where she's staying...and give us directions, we wouldn't have gone to the wrong place.

I HATE HER. I left for hall...where my initiation is supposed to take place...Saw some of my neighbours and complained abit about PGP...before gg back up to my room to change.

Saw RF's email and went to knock on his one came.

So well...went to look for alina n ah moi n e 3 of us walked to West Coast...It was quite a nice walk...cos' cooling mah...when we got there I was told to lead Daniel Lim. He's quite funny, and I was surprised he could recognize my voice! Think it could b very fun but I didn't really know how to make fun of the I didn't really know what to ask him to do...scared he keep doing the same stuff very sian. But well, at least I had fun pouring sand onto his legs! And he's pretty violent lah...keep kickin sand at XY n I. Bwahaha...

Actually, i thought the most memorable part of the whole thing is when I was sitting on top of the monkey bar talkin to a few 2nd yrs...Tiff, Kerk and Jimmy and etc. It's my final yr here already...I've seen shy 1st yrs grow to vocal...or even "bitchy" 2nd yrs...I felt really good yet sad at e same time.

I'm REALLY getting old! But i'm glad I've got more to say to e 2nd yrs! I really felt proud that I AM a A blker. I hoped the 1st yrs had fun...and I hope this noisy batch will grow to love e hall as we do and contribute as much as they can...n most like a family...and keep e A blk spirit alive and KICKING! ;)

Came back on a lorry packed with smelly people...and after I bathed...went to R's rm to chat wif her n M for a bit before we all started gettin sleepy...THEN...M came screamin back into R's rm sayin dat there's a cat in her rm! I was scared by her too...and when I finally saw e cat hidin at one corner...I cldn't help but run into R's rm too! It had yellow eyes! N it looked so scary n evil I didn't know wat 2 do! So cld only ask eugene to come down n save us! Bwahaha...he finally coax the cat out...but jus as they were in e lift, the cat suddenly ran loose n landed up at e platform outside e choice but to leave it there...dunno how it's doing's a rather ugly cat...but I tink it looked kind of cute from AFAR...bwahaha...

So that was all...came back to blog till abt 4am...talked 2 XY for a while...n it was Bedtime.

Can't believe I actually woke up for BF dis morn at 7am...i must b mad.

Time for bed again...b4 i sleep too much in class.

No wonder I'm gettin FAT FAT FAT. sleepin rite after meals n NOT exercisin is not gd 4 health at all! But well....;P

Unexpectedly Happening day

Today was pretty eventful...let me start from the top.

Lecture notes "saga"
I woke up for breakfast with the intention of going to school early to print my notes. Ate some disgusting tuna? sardine? thing with bread? then came back to my room.

I fell ended up being quite late...and after some advice from jingwen, decided to attend the lecture 1st.

Which was a good thing.

Cos' I realised then...that I had printed those notes when I was at home..great! bwahaha...=P

Lucky didn't waste money n time...

After lecture was supposed to be work but i decided to skive abit so went to Science wif e intention to haf lunch wif XY n YT but ended up loiterin in Co-op, stepping on someone's foot in my heels..;P and buying signing up for a tuition job, seeing JB at the tuition booth!!! getting my NUSSU diary...and buying a waffle. Bwahaha...

Got to office..settled down in front of a com...TRIED SUPER HARD not to fall asleep...but eventually I did...for a while...den Z started askin me 2 help wif e Welcome Tea, F askin me if I cld go down 2 airport i e last min 2 pick up dis Myanmar scholar...I was initially quite hesitant cos' i was supposed to meet my RF today to talk 2 him abt my letter of recommendation...but in e end i thought...can't b that much most i'll b abit late...shld b ok..

SO...After wolfin some food at e WOK (btw...alumni house brought back alot of memories of e old KR...Hai...), I hurriedly took a bus down to Buona Vista to catch a COMFORT cab! (used e corporate card, charge to NUS mah...) And off to Changi Airport I went. The taxi driver was pretty nice. I made it clear that I was rushin for time n he kept his me there in 25 mins! And he was conversing wif me in Mandarin...and we're acting like old friends...(as usual...i'm always close to taxi drivers!!!) then...

I started to doze off. Best. I was THAT tired.

Mel woke me up with a phonecall...and I got off at "departure hall"! what e?!?! but then...scariest was that...the plane supposedly landed at 17:11...but when I was standing at the gate from 17:35 to 17:55...i almost thought that it's end of me...she actually left?!?! So i had to call F, carried on to wait patiently...and finally I saw a guy waving at me!

At last, after like close to 45mins of waiting..she's a very sweet girl who's out alone the 1st time in her b overseas...

So after she changed money, we headed straight for PGP. 1. We kept getting lost inside and we could hardly find the place we were told to go.... 2. was BLOODY pissed when we arrived at abt 7pm, the technician ssid he's gg for his dinner break for one hr...fine. We took it as that. Tried askin e nice cleaner who helped look after e luggage to help...but he couldn't walked ard, bought a phone card...she called home, then we had drinks plus Yam Bao...den exchanged more info...she gave me some currency called Kyats! (so sweet of her!) and I found out how the living standards differ. expenses per day in Singapore is enough to last them for 3 days back home! Suddenly felt bad letting her pay for my drink..but she did say that she wanted to treat me...and I thought...i'ld treat her back too! Would like to meet up with her more and show her around's her first time overseas...and she knows nobody here! No relatives or friends who are wonder she looked quite scared!

Initially, I was thinking...that PGP might b a good place to stay in...SO MANY cute guys! Caucasians especially!! and it's just interesting to see so many people of different nationalities walking seemed rather lively and all...and food looks interesting! so...I was pretty tempted...UNTIL.

The stupid admin made us wait for 1/2 hr more than we shld! and cos' her luggage so heavy...we didn't bring it around wif us but he refused to go with us to collect her passport and letter of acceptance. I think my face must have showed my INTENSE displeasure.what cld b a matter of simple registering turned out to be more than 1 n a half hrs! And i missed my dinner ONCE AGAIN cos' of HIS dinner. Plus my meeting with Dr Toh, Supper making, SW meetin, I missed out on so much!!! I was actually at a certain time quite upset. But I did make a new friend well...just had to say something.


DEN! there's the STUPID STUPID cluster leader. She deserves to be screwed upside down! Elaborate tmr...i'm dying already...close to 4am! Siao...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Down the drain

Honestly, I was trying quite hard to be conscious of what I eat lately.

Yesterday was pretty healthy. Overall ok.

But i just blew it today.

Sigh...i know I should make room for "bad" days...but one bad day out of 2 is like...REALLY bad...bwahaha...

Firstly, had this REALLY huge Mac meal for lunch. AND i ate a pack of biscuits before that.

So I thought to myself...all right...shall just skip dinner to make up for it.

Ate ALOT ALOT of fruits and tried to convince myself that I was full.

THEN i went to C's room. Jialat. I opened the fridge and found Hershey's kisses. Ate about...5?

Nvm...den the supper from mini FS fried crabstick, one oily wanton, one big sotong ball and 3 onion rings...

And I know I was screwed.

Another day...haha...sigh..

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fortunate? Unfortunate?

I had a feast last night. My mum made chicken curry, salmon, abalone with caixin, and my father made sharksfin was SUPERBLY sumptious...and so of cos...after so much late night meals and GOOD waist line has once again expanded sideways...and clothes are getting tighter. Best. =)

I managed to get ALL the rest i need man! Slept like a dead log for the whole of Mon afternoon...and after my lessons today..i slept once again. Felt so much like a pig man.

Can't believe dat someone's unhappy over wif me over something so trival. Is it the way I put it? or it is my attitude? Perhaps she's right, I'm not fit to be a senior, an A blker or just any oh who kentridgean.

I probably suck.

Changed another Skin

I've changed a new layout once again. It's not that i'm fact i'm one who doesn't exactly WELCOME's just that somehow...the pictures on my layouts will disappear after a while so left with no choice loh...Hope i can stick to this one for a longer time. I like this's my fav.

It is the first day of school today. I went for my first International Economics Lect...I think the lecturer is not bad! Clear and quite detailed...but out of a one n half hr lect, 45 min was dedicated to a course intro...and I slept abt 10 mins of e lessons proper.

I'm disgusted with myself.

And I wanted to study this sem!! What's wrong with me man?

but i think i'm really lucky....lect was suppose to end by 12...yet i was already back in my rm by 10:45...haha...

can sleep all i want now i guess...

Monday, August 09, 2004


Wow...attended 2 Bbqs in a row...and both times I arrived late at about 10pm...and left super 3am or 7am...bwahaha...

Sat night was zwxh bbq organised by Nicki. Yh was supposed to come over to pick me up after my work stint at Far East...but I received a sms fr him at about 8pm tellin me that he won't b able to come cos of an accident. My heart beat real fast cos I didn't know what to expect from that "accident"...but apparently all was fine...just for the incurrance of repair costs...cos' eventually..he called me at about 10pm...when I've already told Hefen and Cui, who were at Lido watching Whore to come over to go home with me...

So well...I had to take a bus down to Hwachong then later Newton MRT to wait for YH who thought he'll be caught in a jam but it was all very funny cos' I received a call from him once I stepped on the bus that he already ARRIVED at Far according to's mei you yuan. I didn't ask him much about the accident though cos' I know he didn't want to talk abt it much...and so...yeah...I was glad to see him well and that he couldn't still come and pick me up in a car which I thought looked pretty normal...

Reached NK's place at abt 11pm? Ate ALOT of junk food once I got there! Tubs of ice-cream, chips, satay...sotong...and an oxidised Tiramisu cake! Bwahaha...and we just sat ard at the playground and near the pool...chit chatting...abt modules, halls, productions, lame jokes...and mostly just pure crap lah...but was fun. Never laughed so much in a long time i i can understand better y he likes to hang ard so much...cos' i think this grp of ppl really make him a very happy fact...i looked thru the photos in e DC and I saw a few of him wif e juniors...and his smile...was REALLY REALLY radiant..i'm happy for him really. That he has found happiness...elsewhere...and alot more of it. And I'm proud of him...cos' he's a nice guy. Drives ppl all e way home no matter how far it is...

When he drove e crappy KW, cute TY and lovin couple plus me home...he actually almost missed my busstop...cos' he said he can't recognize anything at night. Was quite sad for a while...but I realised...y? I've no reasons. I'm no longer a part of his life. Just like how he isn't. He's only part of my memories...a MAJOR part...and those memories are stale...perhaps that's why I've been create newer ones...before he leaves. But even though I felt a LITTLE bit sad...i told myself that I shld never shed another tear for him...lucky I was so tired I couldn't think much more...and I was much better once I woke up at abt 9am the next day! I'm crazy...actually woke up earlier than most Sundays despite sleeping later!

Sun was FUN! cos' I didn't expect my mum to be so ONZ! After "desperately" looking out for "single ppl" to go watch the fireworks at Marina with turned out that my MUM was the one who proposed gg! I was so happy!

After was Anada Travel Fair with J at Suntec. I was feelin quite off...but actually the agent was super nice n patient and offered quite alot of advice. Luckily I "recovered" fr my bad mood enough to say my "thank yous". Reason for my bad mood was prob due to the fact that I was tired, plus Air Ticket was more expensive than I thought...and of all the uncertainites ahead of me. Applyin for internship...not sure if I can get it...but by means I'm giving up all possible commitments towards the Hall...Blk Comm....or even JCRC...or even just command! I'm not sure what to choose...ARRGH

Then I went shoppin at Suntec whilst waitin for my family to come...bought a XL reebok top!! for only was one frantic search for a dinner place cos' the area was FILLED wif ppl! Haven't seen suntec so crowded before! There were LONG queues outside almost ALL restaurants and fast food joints! Finally got a place at Pizza Hut and I ate my long awaited tortilla's not FANTASTIC but good enough I guess! =)

Then it was another long walk to the fireworks watching place...we stood around for at least half an hr on this grass patch near esplanade at the Fireworks festival was REALLY worth the wait...I was almost moved to tears once again! The display, despite being freaking short...was magnificent! Though I've seen some fanciful ones in Hangzhou...i liked the feeling that the fireworks are SO near! It felt like it was fallin on top of our heads!

I really really LOVE fireworks! Managed to squeeze out of the crazy crowd and onto a train within a short time...I think we're good! ;P Got to Su Mei's place at about 10...and BOY was there ALOT ALOT of food! I ate 2 thick slabs of sting ray...3 prawns, 3 chicken wings...1 sausage, at least 2 taiwan sausages, sotong...and 2 sticks of prawns wrapped in bacon! The food was GREAA! Even had abit of jelly and alot of garlic bread towards the a very ctrong cup of vodka that got me REALLY hot and red...even my scalp felt like it was burning! And we watched 3 freakin movies last night!!! Err...A walk to remeember...Monster's ball...and later Vanilla Sky! Chit chat and gossiped in the meantime and discussed all the chio bus in A blk...was supposed to go home at abt 2:30am but we started fallin asleep on the couches then we decided to stay until the next morn so that we can save on cab fare!

So we just lied around in the living room...and I was entertained by ZB and K who were discussin their views of XL and S! K being interested in XL n ZB so mesmerised by S's eyes...I fell asleep eventually...and when I next woke up with a slight neckache...i shifted down to the mattress and continued to laugh at them again before I slept...

Woke up at abt 8am...washed up abit den we sat ard to eat Japanese sweets(mochi) packaging n the sweets were pretty tasty too! =)

Touched by RAG

The week has been a hectic one. Being drained by my work...but luckily...TRANSLATION FINALLY DONE! YEA!!! =) With of cos...ALOT of help...but it's finally done! =)

And hectic cos' of alot of meeting up sessions...such that my hall friends are beginning to think that i'm One SUPER busy person cos' i haven't had dinner with the blk for the entire week!

Thurs night was dinner at Clementi with Pj, Yj and Wt...Fri was meetin J and WX at Jurong East to settle the itinerary for our Europe trip!

Sat was RAG! Was awaken by YY with her persistant knockin at 6:15...but it was all worth it! The cheering was GREAT! the feeling of unity and pride came back! It must be cos' we were alot more cramp and that WY is a fantastic cheerleader so the feeling at RAG was great!

Our float's true that it's super similar to Eusoff's one...but we were all SUPER SUPER proud of it! No kidding...So many A blk girls cried after the display...the float was magnificent! I thought it stood up the tallest amongst all floats! But wat hurts was that AM fell accidentally...When I saw her stumbling I was REALLY sad...not that I thought she ruined the fact she got on so fast I was SUPER proud of her...It's just that i know she'll b super affected and will blame herself.

Had to leave for work after a while...thought I was really lucky the hall ones went first this time was...hmm...slower...cos' there didn't seem to be much crowds...then i received news that we only got the least cost award...I was quite sad...thought the whole of KR will be disappointed...THEN i heard that the UGLY purple spidey won! OMG! Didn't know if I should laugh or cry then...but I really wished I was there...

I love KR.

Bad week...(in the diet sense)

This is the second week I've officially been back in KR.

And it has been a terrible week in the sense of my weight-control plans.

My dear friends, I know I've been harpin on it for the LONGEST time ever but it seems like everytime I pen it down...I tend to forget it almost immediately. I sure hope this time the "determination" is here to stay.

1. The freshmen are getting SO SO good looking and with good figures! Ultimate stress...told my neighbours that I'll probably DIE of shame if I was born one or 2 years later.

2. Lack of water (Too lazy to get water early in the morning).

3. Lack of vegetables and fruits. (Too lazy to wash fruits)

4. Lack of exercise. (Stopped climbing stairs now that i'm in heels)

5. Excessive dose of fast food and BBQ!

Actually I think it all boils down to the fact that I'm ONE BIG FAT lazy bum. Sucks...cos' I'm bursting all my clothes and whilst EVERYONE around me is losing weight...i'm like the ONLY stubborn one left PUTTING on the weight.

Time for a change in lifestyle.

Way overdue...but better late than never! =)