I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Eating spreeeeeeeeeeeee.....................

I woke up and ate A huge curry puff fr Hans, a char siew puff and a cup of holicks.

Then I swept the floor, and off I went to meet Stef, Jiefeng, Shirong for "lunch". They were eating dim sum at taka...lucky i was too full but i still ate a siew mai plus a gyoza.

We then set off to play pool!!! must have been about 2 yrs since i've played was so FUN! I mean...we were all so lousy, we never knew which pair would win until the table is cleared and whoever manages to get the black ball in wins! Stef maintained her "always" winning record and the flying ball incident was absolutely hilarious...but this game made me realised how much i missed pool actually...should meet up with my jiak jua family more often!

JF later had to go off for a bday party so the rest of us went ard orchard to try and find a cafe to sit...ORCHARD was SO crowded we couldn't find a place to rest our feet!! So we walked and walked...finally landed at the Great Treats and started to eat was already about 5pm.

We then headed down to Dhoby Ghaut...walked around aimlessly for a bit and was basically scouting for a dinner was rather incredible cos' we weren't even hungry! haha...ate at long johns after xinying joined us and we shared 2 sets of "fish" and chips...the grilled fish was actually quite fresh!

We, being loserly had nothing to do so we took a tour in Carrefour...before finally landing at Gelare to have drinks...The cafe was comfy with nice cushiony seats!'s amazing how much we was like we were "practising" to take part in some food race or something! but I still enjoyed myself very much!

Just being with friends, cracking silly jokes, laughing at the smallest thing...mocking each felt great! =)

Guess that justifies all the weight I've been putting on lately and my tired tired feet...
The company of my good friends...

But still!!!
It's time for a diet...somehow! I gotta plan it into my holiday schedule!

I's been more than a week and I've hardly achieved anything! I mean...not that i'm Unhappy...but there's alot that I want to do!

1. To slim down and look good! (Tuo tai huan gu!) - to be healthier
2. To try playing the piano.
3. To find a job and earn some money so that I can go on holidays!
4. To travel to Australia, Thailand and China (if possible)
5. To learn cooking and baking!
6. To rest, recharge, rejuvinate...
So many many things.......

I sure hope I'll be spending my long long holiday to its fullest and not "waste" it away!!!

Friday, April 30, 2004

Ah moi's birthday party!

Tried very hard to write my personal statement but it's still ONLY 1/10 done...=( Sigh...I'm incorrigible. Some more I spent like about 5 hrs trying to solve a game!

Oh...btw for the try it out man!

It's me. Either that or i'm Damn stupid!

Ok...back to the point. Thurs was a rather busy day cos' i went back to Nus for a short meeting with the scriptwriting sub myself to come to terms with the fact that I've yet another committment for the Holidays...What have I gotten myself into?!?! Sigh...

Bus 95 went past the construction site which involved a fatal accident. 2nd time within a week...guess it's inevitable now that there so much construction works going around...But i think Singapore will be stepping up on the safety measures...sure hope NOT to listen to such news any time soon!

Went to orchard, ate "tea" at Mos, shopped around for Ah Moi's present. Finally got her speakers and printer from Funan and viola...finally made our way to the Pasir Ris chalet at about 8 partly cos' of the horrible rain!

We then stood outside and ate and ate and ate...before Ah moi "chased" her other friends out and let us have the room...we watched Fear Factor with alot of girls with BIG boobs...which was really funny cos' the guys' eyes were almost popping out! Den the whole lot of us watched Xun Qin Ji...we were pretty amazed by how some guys are so interested in the serial! Gu Tian Le is really very charming I must say...he attracts both males and females!

The funniest part of the whole party must be the time we were sitting outside the chalet waiting for Ah moi to give out the cake. The guys were just going on crapping and cracking silly "yellow" jokes...what pocket billiard and what not...all of us laughing our heads off...I was glad I'm there despite being mocked and laughed at at times! ;P Before we left the guys saboed Xinyi and gave her a BLUE creamy face!

Going home was just as fun cos' Franklin just made it to the mrt in time for xinye, jacky n i to catch the last train...the rest of the POOR yr 1s had to take cab back cos it was too late!

Fri was another day of "activities". Swimming in the morning, followed by clothes trying at Causeway point! bwahha...Pastamania was good! =) but quarrelling with my father was bad...anyhow...i came home, "cooked" luncheon meat with baked beans which turned out SUPER salty...and spent hrs playing the above game...

Time to get back to my personal statement...or I really will have ZERO chance of going...

Wish me LUCK!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Wonderful JB trip!

Yeah...after eating SO SO much...I sure hope I won't be getting a calorie overload = putting on MORE weight and MORE fats and MORE flabs to my poor bod!!! ;P

Wonderful JB trip!

Though I was reluctant to get out of bed on Tues...I'm SO GLAD i did cos' it was a whole lot of fun at JB!!! I felt like finally I was interacting the the block, talking to people whom I normally wouldn't even meet much...and just having fun laughing at others...and "enjoyed" being laughed at...cos' somehow...the guys as usual, seem to enjoy teasing me!!!

Wee Liam was like our tour guide of the day and once we got to JB we were brought to drink "herbal" tea and to visit a traditional "roti" place! We then got on a big bus and was chauffeured to "Tai Zi Lou" to have our lunch!

Lunch was scrumptious! Black Pepper Crabs, Cereal Prawns, Lalangs?, Steam Fish, Fried Youtiao Sotong, Hotplate beancurd, Sambal Kangkong! Wow...and we went to the back to look at the seafood...there were HUGE crabs and lobsters and clams it was pretty amazing!!! And I saw the BIGGEST sucker fish ever in their fish pond!! ;P

After lunch we set off to Holiday Plaza to shop and supposedly do our hair. Eventually we dropped the hair idea...and despite the fact that I thought I wouldn't buy anything...I bought a funky top (which my neighbours all agreed was a "new" look) and a pair of HUGE retro-looking Star-shaped earrings which attracted quite alot of attention after I decided to put it on....the "nosy" seniors actually thought I was keeping something from them cos' of my "new" look but of cos' they were just kidding lah!

The bus then took us to a prawn mee place which was "fortunately" closed so we head straight to Leisure Mall for a movie! My gang decided on Koma was pretty unexpected! And we all decided that all the movies showing over there were crappy cos' 2 other grps watched Starsky and Enter the Phoenix...all concluded...BAD. ;P bwahaha...I didn't really like the show cos' of all the blood and disgusting stuff but I was pretty disturbed...going to have something against toilets...;P

We took a group shot at the bowling alley then head to this ice-cream place...we had SO much ice-cream!!! But it was nice!!! =) The ambience was conducive for gatherings and we had alot of fun! Despite full stomachs it was time for dinner! Some of us ordered famous Ramly Burgers but we still went to the Hawker Centre and ordered A HELL LOT of food!!! my table of about 8 people ordered 4 Chee Cheong Fun, 1 carrot cake, 1 Chay Kuai Tiao, 2 Stingrays, 1 Chilli Cuttlefish, 1 Ayam Laksa, 1 Claypot Chicken Rice, 2 Fried Oysters with egg, Sugar Cane with Lemon, Braised Chicken wings, Satay....IT WAS AMAZING the amount of food we ordered! What's even MORE amazing is totalled up to cost only 10.60RM per person!! DAMN shiok lah!!

Our last stop was some pastry shop and lots of people bought some "paos" back then we headed home at about 9pm...Wow...I didn't know an entire day of "eating" can make one so tired...I could hardly wake up this morning to swim!!!

Met Rei at Khatib swimming pool today and I seriously wondered if I've forgotten how to swim! ;P I was SO SO tired after only a few miserable laps in the middle pool! ;P It was pretty embarrassing but well...sigh...guess i haven't been swimming nor looking at my body properly for a long long time...I'm REALLY A BIG WHALE!! Never remembered my thighs being so MEGA for a long time already...but now, instead of being a White Shark...i'm a Grey shark now cos' I got sun "tanned"!!! Not that I want to...but silly Rei and I jumped into the pool right after we've applied sun block!!! Hai....

Den we walked around Northpoint...den I came home...den I went back to NUS for a short short meeting...I think my travelling time was longer than my meeting time! But well........

I'm loving my holidays so far! No concrete plans but am filling up the days with lots of activities to do!!!

This is SO.........FUN! =)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Holidays have begun!!!

"Blue" Monday

Went back to school once again. The way to school was TERRIBLE!!! Cos' of my diarrheao!!! I thought I was going to DIE before I got to the toilet....lucky i made it just in time but I had to take the long way to school from Dhoby Ghaut cos' i couldn't last till harbourfront!!!

Met up with Siyi to submit our Zhejiang result slip. I like Nai ma!! She's SOooooooooooooooo nice! We had lunch at Arts's been like eons since I last ate the Oyako Don! It's better with more gravy! We chatted abit, about the coming hols...about honours...about China...about ZJ...

Went back to hall for some last min packing, met Pj, and Yy...then off I went to SRC to do some printing and faxing! Wow...I loved the feeling that I was able to have the whole place to do my work in peace without strangers hanging around me cos' they were all at a meeting! =) Marketing has a long way to go man...sigh...alot of work...and either I dun really have the time or...well...I dun really feel like doing it. ;P This is no good...

All throughout the day I was re-reading my fav love novel...I really like that story...and guess what? I actually saw my ex's lookalike on 151 today! I sat diagonally behind him...and I could just...look at him blatantly. He had a badminton racket in his bag...i wonder why that made me feel happy...he really looks like a little boy with Big eyes and very slim and rather hairy wonder he reminds me of him. He was dozing's pretty funny...but the best thing is that..just before I alighted...I saw him resting his head on his bag...he was sleeping so blissfully...I actually felt happy looking at him.

I was pretty shocked that he stayed on the bus for so long...I didn't know that he stayed so far away...and so close to my home!!! I've decided that the next time I see him alone on the bus, I'll approach him and introduce myself.

Yes I will...Nothing wrong with that right? I'm just curious about his life...

Holidays have begun!!!

Sunday was an exciting day! Once I got up I immediately rushed to school to do some last minute packing cos' Rei's mum was going to drive my stuff home! It was tiring to shift!!! We had to climb up and down the steps leading to C blk carpark from A blk. And we had to do it like for 6 to 8 times!!! But it was also kind of fun to be rushing around...reminding each other about what we have forgotten to pack...what we can leave behind...the mad rush kinds of makes me look forward to going back 3 months later! In fact I'm already missing the Lan in my room! My connection at home is so koked up!!!

I came back home, hungry like nobody's business cos' I only had a cereal bar for breakfast, so i literally gobbled down a packet of mee siam and a bowl of beancurd. Rushed to bathe...then went out with my mum and bro to Heartland mall. After a shopping spree at NTUC, it was time to head off to orchard again to meet my "eat snake" family!

It's Stef's birthday today! We were supposed to gather for dinner at Seoul Gardens at 6!'s been like ages since I've stepped into a Seoul Garden! I got there abit early so I rushed to get the dress that I've wanted. Told myself that it's an investment...bwahah...the excuses girls can come up with to spend $$$.

Then Jiefeng left Shirong, Xinying and I to buy Stef's present...we walked around abit...checked out the watches...before finally deciding on a Swatch chessboard! I thought the latest range of watches were pretty nice!!!

It felt ULTRA good to meet up with Jiehan, Meixin, and Xintian after so long! AND...alot of guys haven't changed! At least they looked like what I remembered them to be! It was nice sitting around, screaming whenever the oil splatted and splurted...complaining about how short the chopsticks are, marvelling at how HUGE the cups are...and EATING A HELL LOT of FOOD!!! I pride my table for being rather good barbequers!! The food was nicely cooked and not too burnt!!! ;) The charsiew chicken was good!!! The shark meat was fabulous! we just ate and ate and ate...and of cos' we talked and talked and talked!

Meixin's going to Shanghai next year! She made me so tempted to try!!! Xintian said that I was cute! ;P and feels good to be "bickering" with him again!! bwahahaha...I like my friends...they make me feel good! Cheese commented that I look slimmer, Jiehan too! Wow...that made me so happy i almost believed it! The Chiang Dao group took a few just feels great to be with such company! It was a happy Sunday...=)