I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Proud to be a Kentridgean

The few days when i was in R's rm chatting away really reminded us alot of the gd o'days back in old KR.

When we were room-mates. The days when I will disappear twice in e wk for tuition...till I got more and more involved...the days when we woke up at 5am for trainings, 5 IBGs, blk breakfasts, blk dinners, talentime practices, wkend/hols rushing for HDCA, neverending Hall Prod rehearsals, watching lots of Kultural events, rehearsing in the wee hrs for KRX...the A blk swing, the "chalet settings", the blk bench...

those were beautiful memories.

And me...from a "anti" fwoc a Fwocer myself, and actually Considered JCRC.

Wow...but all that was dreams were compromised for my China expeditions. Incl. the most impt one of me actually ACTING in one of the hall prods.

well...since I'ld most prob not have any more KR experiences...I shld just be happy with what I have.

There's R, M and all the other girls whom I all the other familiar faces. Yes I was rather phantom 80% of my stay. But I'm sure i'll b remembered by some.

Once a Kentridgean, Always a Kentridgean! Some more we're so close on the heels of EH for IHG! 52 vs 57! Jia you KR! =)


Hmm...vrey guilty but I've spent alot of time this morning looking at other blogs.

Of cos' there are those famous ones like But he's good! Honestly! Very witty and interesting entries esp. with regards to local news!

Then there's the xiaxue one, which personally, well, think she leads a very different lifestyle from me ba.

And MY fav thus far! Cheeky!

Suddenly add more interesting tings to my blog. Pictures, funny entries etc.

Maybe my blog will be more lively! =)

But before a major revamp...let me complain abit more about my ageing!

Had Macs last night abt about 8pm. Man...couldn't digest properly! And i think I cld still feel the "after effects" of junk food in my body! And it wasn't even an "overdose" strictly was just a normal meal!

Getting old man.

Silly me

1st time in quite a while...I actually managed to reach the office early! Like super early...maybe at about 845am?

So I stood outside waiting for someone to open the door. Luckily someone came at about 9am. that my GM is in Taiwan, RM in Shenzhen, 2 others went for a morning one's here to "know" that i'm early! hee...but well...the office is SO quiet now! As compared to the "noisy" and rather relaxed environment yesterday...haha...

Hmm...met up with all the ppl gg to Zhejiang Uni for SEP this sem. Suddenly feeling old. Mon night when I stayed over at R's place. She was playing "Dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui", I've nothing better to do so I started to think about JC. Realised that most of the time I really would prefer NOT to think about it...Crap...dunno what I'm getting at already. Pt is...I think I'm old lah.

I've been wearing all my "old clothes" lately. Clothes which I bought when I was in...late Sec maybe? They got really loose when I lost all the weight in JC...but NOW...they are Slightly tight.

What's wrong with me man? Y can't I control and diet?!!? I've this urge to be in a relationship lately. I missed having someone fuss over me and what not...

Gotta lose all the weight to achieve that! arrgh...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Just some thoughts...

Hmm...I think it is very telling that I only get to update my blog like once a week as compared to everyday.

I'm BUSY working!!!

Bwahha...ok lah...not THAT busy. It's just that...i'm in the office everyday from 9am till 630pm. By the time i get home it'll be 830pm. Dinner, tv, no time and energy for the Computer anymore. (Plus the fact that i face the com. always in the office)

So why is it that I can afford to blog now? Heh heh...cos' my manager who used to sit behind me has left for Shenzhen. And the GM has gone to another office for the morning! Yeah yeah! (I'm an incorrigible slacker)

I feel like the time I have left in Singapore is ticking by like nobody's business. I only have...3 weekends left? My weekdays are effectively non-existent cos' i end work so late...

Sighz sighz sighz. I know i was being too "emotional" regarding my last post. It is all part of growing older and having more responsibilities in a sense. I guess.

Will anyone miss me when I'm gone? I'm sure some of you will right? At times or another. Try and drop me an internet sms/email/snail mail or better stilll....Parcel! once in a while k?

Just once in a while will do. Think I'll be more than happy! =)

ps. Heard that my bosses are on the cover page on this issue of Business Times! Wow...will i ever get to appear on a magazine as a successful person? (of cos' i dun wanna be a "criminal"...haha...)