I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Haha...saw this on a friend's blog. Highly amusing!

Your Boobies' Names Are: Bambi and Thumper

I am so sucky

Let me tel you...

I know I've more complains. And indeed, I thought I wasn't going to complain anymore.

Until...all right. I was watching tv...den I had my lunch. A box of salad, a bottle og yoghurt, sounds healthy enough. But I ate quite a bit of nuts. Guess I was a bit too full the rain I was SUPER tempted.

I decided to lie on the bed. And it's SO disgusting cos,
1. I went to bed when I was full = getting a tummy
2. I gave up the chance to study
3. I was having disgusting dreams, was coughing....and all the while I had the opportunity to wake up ( I near I was dreaming = not sleeping well)

But I DIDN"T! I chose to sleep on!

Huo Gai if I really flunk my modules or score below a cap of 3.5. Huo Gai that I gain weight and have a HUGE tummy.

By the way, the dream WAS disgusting. It took place in a huge mansion, my hall and various places. I was with a huge group of weird and perverted people (supposedly my family). They were here to visit but supposedly to crack a murder/rape/truely disgusting thing that was been going on in the mansion I was staying at. (think it belongs to another rich family). It turned out that the head of that family is an EVIL OLD DIRTY COUNSELLOR, who, one the pretense of counselling sad and pitiful women, rapes them instead, and I think my friend was on of the victims. So like after a mental + maybe some strength battle, we kind of like chopped him into pieces and ship them away...WITHOUT the "law" knowing anything abt it..the entire household was happy so no one said a thing...this horrible man happy disappeared whilst my HUGE family happily stayed in the Huge mansion and drank to celebrate!

So there's like alot of deceit, sex and violence! What with blood, killing and unorthodox sex.

OMG. What's happening to me?!?!?!?!?!

I'm CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasted 2 hours on tv, and now another 2 hrs on NON-quality sleep!



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Thursday, November 11, 2004

What's up?

Ok...let me do my LAST complain here!

I promise it'll be the LAST!

Cos' starting tmr...i'll be burying myself in my books!!!

Let me give an account of my day.

Woke up at 7 plus. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, tried to read my econometrics text. Starting dozing off after ONE paragraph. Gave up....went back to bed.

Next time I opened my eyes it was already 10. Supposed to meet Cui to swim at 10:30. Immediately started on making my salad, which I've spent time buying all the ingredients last night. Left my house at about 11. Worked out at the treadmill instead cos' I didn't bring my swimming costume back! ;P Chit chat with C by the pool...watched her eat my salad, went to her house for sweet potatoes...den back home.

Had lunch. TRIED to study. Aimed to complete 3 chapters before I leave for my interview. Got super distracted. Watched abit of tv, surfed the net a bit. Felt so tired very tempted to sleep...realised that i ought to research on the company later just for courtesy sake...

THEN it was time to leave for the dinner interview. OMG. I barely completed 3 pages! I deserve to be shot right?

Wanted to go Si Ma Lu Guan Yin Miao to Bai bai...found out that it was closed...walked back. Bought plasters for my feet (abrasion with the shoes AGAIN!) Then off we went to pastamania.

I SO enjoyed the interview! Learnt so much from the boss (who's only 30 and capable with a beautiful wife!) Found out that the company is a largely successful one! Who is behind NETs, EZLink...and has lots of aspirations for the future! The boss abides by a very open concept. It was really enjoyable talking to him and learning about how to live, survive in Shanghai, how to do business, and I asked him about corruption, the possible increase of the RMB...and was a great learning experience all in made me think if I've made the right choice? He told us so much! From the company, what he expects from us, the job scope, the future how to survive with 1500rmb....WOW...I think there's ALOT ALOT of challenges laying ahead of me!

Then I took a cab back cos' the interview ended at like 9:30. Like fake i'm very rich, but i So wanted to watch Ren Wo Ao You!

So...yeah...reached home at 9:45...caught 15 mins of the show...talked to my mum for like half and hr...and here I am.


But hey, i think I made a good choice meeting up with this boss. He was so nice that he said he can help introduce us to his friends in Shanghai if we are interested in another field.

Hmm...okie...I think I should go to bed soon...or maybe...not so soon...i'm torn...only thing I know is that I BETTER study. AND STUDY EFFICIENTLY...cos' i'm lagging so far behind!

BANZAI SHUHUI!!!!!!!!!!!

And people, please scold me, remind anything to make me study!!!

Thank you very muchie!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Elated! (Beyond words)

I was so high for the entire day I'm starting to get "tired" of being high! Haha...all right. I better pen it down before I forget!

Rights...woke up this morning to da bao breakfast then it was time to do my "research" on the company! Spent about an hour looking through the website, hurriedly put on some make up...then it was time to go off for interview! Spent some time trying to settle in and think about what I should say...then it was time!

I was rather surprised to see another 5 students in the meeting room besides me and another NCS girl. It turned out that these students were all from business and they responded to an ad put up by V-Kool for an Assistant Country Manager. Wow...we didn't know that...but well.

Two ladies were in charge of interviewing us...I thought it was a rather enjoyable experience. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I said something COCK right at the start. I actually said I had "no choice" when she asked why we chose the company...OMG. Of cos' I tried really hard to make it up later. But this was my first experience being interviewed in a group and it is actually alot more relaxing. U get to hear from others, have ample time to formulate and think through your

The interview lasted for about an hr and a half. I came back, had lunch...was talking to my mum about how there was this over confident and irritating and RICH guy(drives mercedes) who apparently had LOADS and LOADS of rather impressive interactions with China, has business dealings in various countries...took up most of the interview time...and even after the manager had hinted that they were looking out for an opportunity to groom someone who might not have any other means of venturing into the market...he never did gave up! What an ass...I think even the manager was abit put off by him, kept asking him to stop. Haha...

Well well, after bitching to my mum...I received a call from NCS...and YEEAH YEAH!!!! I can't really believe it...but I was selected! Out of 7 people!!! Haha...I was cocky for a while...but after serious thought...I really dun think I did that well, given that I was shaking and stammering abit...but I guess my previous experience did me good!

Whatever it is...I was so happy I wanted to yell out loud! (I kind of did actually ;P) Then it was time to go for lecture (which lasted only half an hr), then I went off to Kimage for my haircut!

Now i know the difference between a $30 and $12 or $6 haircut. I really really appreciated the hairdresser...cos he took about at least an hr..and I thought he REALLY REALLY put in like alot of effort into my hair! The way he kept snipping, making sure that it's even...on hindsight, it might just be because it's been a LONG LONG time since I had a proper haircut. (QB doesn't count)I dun really know what to think of my haircut, just that it's got a much thicker fringe, like JingWen and Yilin in Ren Wo Ao You. Haha...that made me rather pleased...just that...I kept wishing that my face didn't have so much meat and fat! ;P come my entry doesn't sound as happy as it should be...but I really am...SUPER SUPER HAPPY!

but there's this nagging thing at the back of my head...better snap out of all these soon and start SERIOUS mugging!

Jia you jia you jia you! U can make it!

Can't resist the pictures...;)

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Yeah i'm cute! =P

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Great party!

Hey...just realised that I haven't been updating much!

Am back not too long ago from Fellie's potluck party at Mel's condo's function room! It was pretty fun!

1. There were LOTS of food!
2. We played quite a few games!

Haha...there was the pick and card and eat food game (where we managed to clear quite alot of the food), the Truth, Eat or Bodypart game...HAHA...Dun worry girls, I scrubbed the back of my neck! Though I must say that N is really sporting! And finally, the "highlight" of Heart Attack!!! Hahaha...

About my last week...SIGH. I've been such a PIG. Eating, Sleeping and Shopping...doing ALL sorts of things BESIDES studying. SO sucky. I know I should be worried...what with all these modules which I've no confidence in...

If i'll die...I definitely dug my own grave! Huo Gai! ;P the ways, last week, besides for the family saga...I found out something about my health.

Yes, I've always suspected it...but it's now "confirmed".

I've HIGH cholestrol.

VERY HIGH in fact. Shan't put the exact numbers here lest I scare all my good friends here...but after a phonecall with C (She's really worried for me man! Haha...) It has really added a ++++++++++ point for me to control my diet and to really start doing some exercise regularly.

It's only after I start noting down what I eat...that I realised how integrated all the bad foods are in my life. I mean, I could easily substitute a meal with a slice of cake or some ice-cream or biscuits. But now I'm SUPPOSED to be banned from such I'm not like TOTALLY not's just that I'm alot more conscious.

So what used to be a whole slice become one mouth. Even if I've got cravings for ice-cream...I'll try to curb it and substitute it with something else.

And my dear CC was so cute...she immediately sms me the next day to do some moving! I love her!

So my dear TRY not to tempt me by offering me good food k? I know you guys love me...=)

But yeah...dun make me feel so left out by BANNING me from anything unhealthy! Just make sure that my portions are small! I'll promise to take care too! I still wanna live till at least 70! =)

Let's jia you! At least...TRY and jia you...ARRGH...$(*%&(*#$&

SUPER slacker Hui