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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Proud of my little brother

All right...maybe my brother ain't so little (he's 18 already), but still, I'm very proud of him.

When I came home last week, I saw him studying in his room.

Next morning, way before I decided to crawl out of bed, he was already practising his maths sums.

And exams are like a month away. I mean, it may be nothing to the muggers out there...but it's amazing if I start studying MORE than 2 weeks in advance. More likely it's ONE day in advance.

I'm so screwed i'm not fit to be a student.

AND...I heard from my mum, that my brother refuses to eat FRUITS, cos' he said that he's not been exercising, so he doesn't want to eat excessively.

He only had his first meal at about 3pm today...on the contrary, I've had a huge breakfast, a large ice-cream cone, one sweet potato, other snacks and lot of drinks.


Not like I've been doing exercise.

Sigh...I should really be learning from him. And not typing in my blog right? Wasted my day away again.

tsk tsk

1st physical signs of aging

I have been feeling "old" for some time already. But now it's SHOWING!

1. When I went for my facial, I was told of the "fine lines" around my eyes...

2. My mum actually plucked a strand of WHITE hair from my head last Thurs!!!!! WHITE hair! I was so traumatised for a while...I really hope I won't have to keey dyeing my poor quality hair from now on.

Hmm...I must try to do something to stall this aging process. I'm sure there's a way. Right?


Just came back not too long ago from JP. The first midnight movie I can remember watching.

Dunno how I should feel about the show exactly. Others seem to like it so much. On the contrary, I don't exactly feel like SUPER happy after watching this show like most of the other movies.

Other movies make me laugh heartily, or cry sorrowfully.

But not this one. I just sat there, admiring the filming...and feeling the show.

Yes, surprisingly, I feel like I've kind of understood the show. Maybe not in the exact sense the director wants to portray, but at least I've my own interpretation and I didn't come out feeling all bewildered.

I could actually feel the emotions of the characters, and understand them. Cos' the story is just about life. About the various love stories that happen all around us.

*note: please don't continue reading if you wish to watch the show and interpret it on your own. This will contain alot of my own feelings*

Tony Leong: He's just a man who goes along with "the flow". He once loved deeply...thought he loved again, but was probably only trying to find memories of the old love on the new girl. He played the field, broke the hearts of others...thought he fell in love again, but learnt that love is a matter of timing, and that when he can't force things to happen, the next best thing is to give up on it, and hope that the other party is happy and doing well.

It may not be known who he really loves and who he doesn't. Do all the subsequent girls that he falls for simply reminds him of Su Li Zhen or is it just because these women were with him at the right time, when he needed someone in his life? Does it really matter? Fact is that he had shared a part of his life with these women. And it will always remain that way. I liked the last part of the show alot. Something about being on a train, heading towards a foggy future.

I can so imagine a lot of people are like him.

Zhang Ziyi: To me, she's the tragedy of the show. It's apparent that she's so in love with Tony. But he broke her heart time and again, despite the fact that she has made a lot of compromises. She allows him to have affairs with other women, only request is that he doesn't bring them back to the hotel. But he didn't agree. She had no choice but to break up, and led a life as usual, sleeping with other men...but only on PURPOSE, in hope that Tony will be jealous. But it didn't happen. She dwidled into someone with low confidence, looked for Tony one last time before she left for Singapore. Gave him all the $10 notes which she had been faithfully keeping, hoping that he wouldn't use them to pay the bill, hoping that he would agree to be with her one last time, just before she leaves...but no...her hopes were dashed again and again...
She's truly a sad character. She loved, but men treated her as a "fun" thing. She was "hurt" by Tony, just because she loved him but he didn't.I thought that in the end, Tony might choose her, cos' she's the one who has loved him so openly for so long. She never forgotten about him, but so what? He had never really thought of spending his entire life with her. So she's destined to be a sad character.

I hope...I won't be like her.

Faye Wong: She's a very fortunate girl. Though she faced strong objections by her father initially, she eventually managed to be with her loved one 6 years later. Apparently the guy loves her just as much. And her father eventually gave in.

I be like her.

But I guess...sometimes, we can't really control love. Who we love may not love us, but who we don't may love us so...such that we end up having to hurt them badly.

Sigh...I dunno what to make out of all these. But it's almost 4am in the morning...Think it's time for bed!


Thursday, October 14, 2004


Yeah man, i'm one BIG FAT slacker.

Thing is, I woke up pretty early with the intention of completing my Micro Homework.

Had a super heavy breakfast, then something apparently went very wrong with my system. I tried to run an anti-virus whilst waiting for it to complete scanning...I fell asleep.

Yes, I slept. LIKE A PIG. woke up once only to go back to sleep. So of cos' ended up late for my micro lect.

abt 45 mins late. without bringing my notes too. Cos' I was in such a hurry.

Somemore i had a HORRIBLE daymare!

I dreamt that I was travelling with 2 other friends I think, then I met this little boy. We hit it off quite well, but I later found out that he's not human! He's a ghost! And I was getting weaker because of him and my friends and I had to try means and ways to get him to leave willingly. Cos' he was kind of determined to follow me. Actually i'm not sure if the dream really was like that, I could only remember snippets of it now...I only remember alot of water, alot of dirt, and alot of tears and fears...

Oh that I've typed it out...I sure hope it's not some premonition or something...I mean...I AM TRAVELLING with 2 girl friends soon...


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dun like my blog...

yeah...I still dun really like the layout of my blog. Will try and spend a few hours on it AFTER i've completed my assignments. Now I've only got time for complains! Bwahaha...;P

Took the health screening blood test today. Thought I was pretty smart to take premptive measures by telling the nurse that I fainted once.

I'm really glad cos' this time round there'll be no wheelchair or a bump on my head for fainting DURING the blood taking. all went well. Except that I'm $162.40 poorer cos' I decided that I wanna test my liver, kidney and blah blah as well...cos' I dun really wanna take my blood so many times.

Oh for those who were wondering about the posting of my photo out of the blue....I FINALLY found a photo hosting site so I was just testing out. Not much recent and NICE I chose my birthday photo(in which I think I was prettiest within this year) with all the pretty babes from St Nicks! (PrabsDaCock, stop drooling)

Yeah...seems like it works! ;p I like Hello!

Had a very fun dinner last night! Played this silly game with the guys sitting at my table. We're supposed to shout a word at the top of our voices, screaming as loud as we can...but I just can't help but laugh convulsively. It was HILARIOUS seeing a table of "crazy" people screaming "HI", "HI", "HI"...I can't help but laugh. Haven't laughed so hard that tears came down and my stomach ached. =)

Have been thinking a bit about KR recently. I'm a lousy final year. I admit it. I'm not involved in any IHG. I didn't sign up for any comms. I'm ONLY in KRX by default. I dun even keep in touch with Hall Production even though I'm the scriptwriter.

SIGH...When everyone is getting involved still. I can't even handle my own studies.

This really isn't what I wanted. At least not when I was a first/second year and looking at all my seniors receiving awards for their contributions to KR.

Hmm...but since it's a fact that I'm a qualified phamtom, I should just concentrate on doing my homework!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Youjie's Birthday Party

I wondered why I haven't been blogging. Quite a few things had happened!

Like last Sat was Youjie's Birthday Party!!!

Happy birthday Youjie! =)
The durian sago ROCKS! ;P

Had a very interesting trip from Orchard to Pasir Ris. The stingy pok in me made me suggest to my twin that we take the bus.

So 3 bus rides took us like a good one and a half hours.

But I truly enjoyed the time we had together! We talked about many things. And I brought up this Jap movie I chanced upon one fateful night.

It's called "Secret". And it was a rather haunting movie. A mother and daughter got involved in an accident, the mother's soul occupied the body of the daughter, and so she had to lead a life of double identity.

She loved her husband so, but there are things which made their love incomplete. They could never make love. Cos' the body belongs to the daughter.

And as she got more involved in school, ECAs, the husband felt neglected. That she had a new leash of life. But he doesn't.

So in the end, he decided to "let his wife go" by addressing her as his daughter.

The wife was devastated. And then it appeared that the daughter's soul came back! The 2 souls shared one body, one taking over the other after a sleep....and they communicated via letters and video tapes.

One day, after the mother had eased the daughter back into her life. She left.

But it was until the daughter's wedding day, did the husband find out that it had been his wife all the while!

But it was all for the best I guess. She had no choice but to lead her life as the daughter. Not his wife. I mean, what will others think? It's like incest isn't it?

I liked the show alot. And the best thing is, my twin watched it too!

Wat a nice coincidence. =)


Haha...this must be the nth time I've used this title but it has always been something which I've "wondered" about.

Rushed back from work on Monday to catch the last episode of Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Ying Tai (the butterfly lovers). It's not like I really like the show but since it's the last episode I thought I should just watch it.

The show was rather cheesy with all the mushy lines and tears and all...but surprisingly, I wasn't very touched. Probably cos' this is such a "well-known" story already...but in the end, I DID cry.

In fact I cried pretty hard. I cried cos' Ma Wen Cai was devastated to see his love enter Liang Shan Bo's tomb.

Yes, it's true that Mr Ma is a villian. To get his woman, he has done pretty bad things to harm others, he resorts to underhand means, he had indirectly destroyed others' happiness.

But no matter what BAD he had done, he loved Miss Zhu a lot. He really did. But that's of no use. Cos' Miss Zhu doesn't have eyes for him at all.

I so pitied him.

Really. It's not easy to find someone whom you love, and who is willing to love you back.

So if you've found it. Do cherish it.

I shall try again!!! Posted by Hello