I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Useless PIG

Just had to scold myself that.

Just realised that I've 3 mid-terms coming up next week, and 2 weightage quite heavy ones...

Have 3 assignments due next week.

Yet I've done nothing at all these few weeks. ALSO the last few hours.



Even a fellow hall-mate, upon hearing that I've 3 mid-terms...IMMEDIATELY excused me from any meetings.

But i'm not even worried???

I must be MAD.


Now...back to "work"

Friday, September 17, 2004


I find no reason why I shouldn't be putting on weight.

Besides for all the sleeping after breakfasts (which REALLY added about 5 inches of tyre around my already not so slim waist and hips).

It's all the good good suppers!

I should have skipped KRX supper and went straight home.

Supper consisted of
1)appetiser (crackers with canned fruit and choc syrup) -very special!
2)Hotdog bun with mustard, sauce and cheese! -good!
3)Seasoned chicken drumlet -finger-licking!
4)Main course - spaghetti with bacon, spices and herbs! -Tasty!
5)Agar Agar with overflowing nata de coco!! -worth second helpings
6)Choc mud-pie! -had third, fourth and fifth helpings!!! WOW...

That's it lah.
I'll be 65kg in no time.


Hope some dieting firm decides to use me as their model!


Thursday, September 16, 2004


I just realised that this illness is providing me with Official reason to slack!

To sleep more, to NOT do my NOT study..This sucks lah.

Finally went to YIH today. Confirmed that it's my wisdom tooth that's causing the pain in my mouth...thus infection-induced fever.


And I dun like my stuck nose too...dun like the feeling of not being able to breathe properly.

Got medicine, including anti-biotics...hope I'l recover somehow! But the painkillers dun really seem to be working!


Gum still very pain.

Nose still running.

And I still feel miserable periodically and better some times.

Went for kickboxing...and was kind of like sweating cold sweat. Insisted on going cos' I thought the exercise will do me some good. Maybe It did? I'm not sure?

But well...if I could choose more than one mood to's definitely be FAT UGLY and SICKLY.

I'm TRULY fat. Had the chance to be on an electronic weighing scale at YI today...i'm a 60.4...60.4 leh!!! But why am I not surprised??

SHITS. The fats around my tummy is SO SO thick. I feel like just chopping it off! REALLY would go for lipo if I had the money I think...imagine...all those fats being sucked off just like that! Okay...I admit...I'm going slightly crazy.

Please...I wanna be well...I dun wanna be sick...the feeling sucks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sick's official.

I'm sick.

After the Super indulgent Tai Tai 5th floor supper, I felt SUPER FAT...and I just fell sick.

The supper was nice! Cornflakes with white chocolate, Hedgehog Pie, Cheese Pie, Spaghetti, Fruit Salad, Brownie, Ice-cream...oooo....

BUT BUT...I developed a runny nose after that...and a temperature was threatening.


So I just felt miserable the whole day, can't breathe properly...eyes abit sore...n just feeling like my brain is clogged up.

I didn't even have time to go YIH to see the doc.

Sure hope I'll recover real soon.

Super alot of things to study!!!

Ganbatte girl...GO GO!

Dandraft Scare

I saw flakes in my hair late last week...felt quite distraught. Thought my dandraft problem came back...Was wondering what shampoo I shld buy...


One fine day I picked out this one BIG flake. It looked very much like peeling sunburnt skin.

Then I remembered.

I was under the sun alot one fine hockey carnival day.

Now...that explains the flakes!

Yeah! ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I've been feeling uncomfortable these few days.

My gum was swollen and my throat very dry...I kept thinking It's prob my molar again but the weirdest thing is that it supposedly grew out already! And i've a similar prob with the left side of my gum I thought it'll go away soon.

But it got worse and I felt miserable.

Had my raisin scone during China's Econ lect and I slept for the last half of e lect. Felt damn lousy.

Sat beside this sniffing man during micro tut.

When I was at the busstop...I could actualy feel the warmth of the sun and the contrasting chilling winds. Felt quite shiok then but I feared falling sick...really.

Until I came back to hall...and whined to Rei abt my miseries.

Turned out that I was too heaty!

Too little water plus too little sleep!

What sense she made! I drank water and I felt better instantly!

But my gum is still swollen...throat abit the uncomfortable...and i'm feeling fat still.

So overall...Lousy day.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Pure Indulgence

I had a most interesting weekend.

I managed to get a lift home from Pj's dad by a stroke of luck on Fri. Woke up early on Sat to sweep the floor. Was instructed by my mum to make sure that my Bro has his breakfast...but didn't see him after I woke up choice lah.

Went to Far East to work. There was a M1 road show gg on and they were giving out free Bungles. And like a typical Singaporean..I took a few packets everytime I walked past the stand (which is like ALOT of times) so I ended up with 8 packets in my bag and left about 12 under Hula's counter. I felt quite ridiculous but it was fun!

My father came down to look for me...supposed to have lunch but I wasn't hungry so we had barley and a slice of cheese-kaya toast at Ya Kun instead. My bro dropped by from Paya Lebar after a while. Told him to check out the M1 deal...sounded good to me initially! 3 numbers for free calls, free incoming all day and 700 sms...but just found out that it's only for the 1st 6 mths! Not much he left without doing anything! felt quite bad cos i couldn't go out with him or anything cos' my boss was around then!

"Caught" EW walking past with her friend! Was kind of like talking to her friend and she was SO SO amused cos' I sounded as if I knew her friend when in actual fact I don't! thing I do best! Act gam with ppl I dun know! Managed to get a piece of the ever-so-popular chicken fillet Cos' there's always a queue in front of the store! It's really not bad! Saw SY hugging his gf walking by at dinner time. Met S and her friend who later bought a few pairs of earrings and the best thing was that Cui dropped by to go home with me at night! She just watched a movie! Initial plan was to eat cake at Hyatt...sigh...but no cake plus cui wasn't feeling well so we went home. I managed to grab an ice-cream cone though...It was nice chatting with Cui again! Haven't saw her for some time! I was pretty desperate I actually suggested SDU! bwahaha...but I lah...not yet. ;P

Sunday was pretty cool! Woke up for...SPA! Slurged on 3 trial treatments when Amore Day Spa first opened at Heartland Mall...So I attended the 1st trial today.

WOW...I was given a nice Polish! (Which felt slightly "painful" for some split seconds but I guess All dead skin was rubbed off me! Had about 10 mins in the steam bath and I was then "painted" with this green seaweed extract thingy! I was REALLY green! Kept staring at my hands...haha...was rather amused! And I was in a thermal wrap for about 20mins! Quite shiok ah! Slept for a few mins but I felt like I've rested for some time! Very nice feeling! No wonder it's called Body regeneration! And for interest sake (PJ was really concerned about this), Yes, I was like almost totally naked in front of the beautician...Never felt so exposed but she's nice lah. As in, they take care of your integrity and well...She tries to let me cover up as much and as long as possible.

Met my mum for a delifrance lunch. I thought she wanted to eat but well, apparently not so I ended up eating alot of potato (which was quite nice), drinking soup, eating salad and having a cuppacino all on my own. Hahaha...must be the spa made me feel TOO good.

Went NTUC with my mum...we bought SO MANY things we had to get my bro over to help get the stuff! Spent close to $100!

Then I suggested gg shopping at Bishan. My mum "happily" agreed. Guess she didn't want to stay home and face all the housework!

We walked around the new shops at Bishan's new extension (Finally had a chance to look at it!) Was tempted to buy some things but I know my mum's rather reluctant so ended up buying nothing. Which is actually quite good lah. Bought some food that's impt! Haha...wanted to buy the cripsy chicken thingy at Shilin stall...thought the queue would be better than the Far East branch. But I thought wrong.

My bro came shortly after, we had dinner at the foodcourt! I wasn't hungry then but still ate fried rice plus mee siam plus red beans, fries and vege! Haha...Sigh...The western food at the foodcourt is ex but the soup is damn nice! Thick and creamy! haha...Met Joyce and her family too! Wat a coincidence!

Rushed home, packed hurriedly and yeah! Pj's father came to bring us back to Hall again! So lucky to be "driven" back!!! I brought along alot of stuff!

Now that I'm back in hall...guess it's time to try and do some work lah! This week alot of tutorials to attend and alot of submission too!!!

Ahh...Jia you! Must get out of the slack mode!