I am just Me. Am I?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dunno where to start
I really dunno where to start...Oh...the layout of blogspot is getting friendlier. That's good.

Ok...back to this...

Err...I just think I'm going nuts lately. Too many things on my mind and hands!

Work in the office is not forever NEVER complete.

All the supposed "planning" for the outings that are not gg on that well...I many loose ends to tie which I haven't!

AND it being the 2nd day of my period doesn't help.


On a lighter note...yesterday was quite "funny" in the sense period's late this month. I thought it was "never" coming. Was just thinkin to myself that morning...and VIOLA. Best. Got no pad on lived on toilet paper e entire day. I'm cool right? ;P

Tues night was spent hovering in Holland V and bought my Holy Ham t-shirt which is the last display piece and abit slanted?!?! Then it was back to KR and reading scripts. I'm screwed I tell u. Senior's performance in less than a week WITHOUT a script is NOT funny.


Last night went shoppin in town with SR and S for XY's present. Quite accomplished. But abit broke. Bwahaha...

Enough updates I think.

Time for toilet. work stint is extended.

I dunno if I should be happy or sad?!!?


Bad Bad Day at work!
All right...I'm here to rave and rant! I just have to!

See...I've been so busy and tired I haven't been able to blog online during my work anymore...all right. I admit that it's not like I SHOULD be...but arrgh...and that's so NOT the point.

This morning, or rather afternoon, I was suppose to help conduct my FIRST campus tour. LUCKILY for me I had another girl with me...and being "more" experienced, (actually she only did it once last week) she was suppose to conduct it whilst I just direct the bus driver around.


Sounds easy enough. SOUNDS.

What can go wrong right?

yeah...I gave the wrong directions and 1) directed the bus OUT of campus...and 2) Got stuck in a narrow dead-end alley.

With the IRRITATING bus driver giving me dirty looks and scolding me that I should be knowing that there are some roads BIG buses can't go into...and basically saying that I'm dumb.

All right...I probably am.

The bus spent about 10 mins reversing. I must admit that the driver is pretty be able to reverse so much.

After a very nervous 10 mins...we got out and I simply directed the bus on the route that i'm familiar with. Bus A1 route. Luckily YJ could "entertain" the Korean guests by making small chat and yeah...they are basically very nice. Even the NTU prof who were bringing the grp ard and providing translation. I think he could see that I was gonna cry so he tried to be patient with me.

But STILL...i felt like SHIT.

Came back to office and IMMEDIATELY set out to write a "remorse letter" apologise to all the the department.

It goes like this...

To whom it may concern,
I am Shuhui and I am here to apologise for my incompetency with regards to guiding the tour bus on the campus tour. I was not familiar with the route especially near NUH and PGP, therefore I made the bus turn into a small lane and was stuck in the dead end for about 10 minutes.
I was lucky for the person-in-charge was good-natured and did not blame me too much but I could sense the displeasure of the bus driver.
I have already apologised to the Korean delegates and I hereby apologise to all who has been putting in effort into planning this visit.
Please accept my deepest apologies.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused or any "unhappiness" that might have arised from this unfortunate event.
Yours sincerely,

Ok...I admit I was too drama.

After I came back to the office from lunch...I was "surrounded" by "concerned" colleagues telling me that it's all right and all.

BUT...I chose to forward the email to ALL in the dept....INCLUDING my senior manager.

Win liao...Cos' she was NOT supposed to know...


Now a series of things are happening.

I just heard that the perm staff here is supposed to conduct a "teaching campus tour" for ALL Student Associates in International Relations Office, or worse open up this "course" to others!

The perm staff is complaining.

Bwahahaha...what a chain reaction I have created!

This sucks.


To think that I wanted my senior manager to write a reference letter for me so that I can go Shanghai for internship.

I must be the STUPIDEST person expose my own mistakes.

But I just wanted to pre-mpt any "scoldings" or "lectures".


It's just a sucky day.

Monday, July 19, 2004

It's certain that my stint at IRO will remain until the end of month. Felt so bad towards Prabs cos' I had to pull out fr being his FTC. Sigh...i'm passin out on a chance to b an A blk FTC! to think that I felt quite sad dat I had 2 b away fr A blk so much last sem when I was Fwocer...but what 2 do? IRO's pretty busy wif e upcoming projects. In fact, Z was nice enough 2 bring up e issue of letting me cont. workin till Sep after IED. I know D is considerin but it doesn't seem very possible. In fact, she had a chat wif my abt my work! She asked if I like e office job...I said I do! And well...she did say that they r happy wif my work...I sure hope she was sincere, but I know she's havin 2nd thoughts abt keepin me so long...I wonder if it's cos' she knows I loaf on e job at times?
Sigh...but whatever it is...sch's gonna start soon! and I'll have to leave IRO sooner or later.

Blessed and Happy
Sat was a good day. Sales were good at Hula and I think the 3 girls really work quite well! hee...though we had to do w/o S for a while but luckily YR and I managed! Great sense of achievement! Though the pay is not a lot and it's pretty tiring...but I enjoy working like that for a day per wk!
Sun was even better! Woke up early for fundamental pilates Again. Felt better at this session cos' I think I'm starting to do things properly. Might consider gg for Pilates this week. hee...can sleep in one more hr!
Next was NTUC then I rushed down to Far East. Honestly I'm incorrigible. Wanted to go down early so i could sit around and chat but reached only at 6:15! But I still managed to tell them the story of me having a crush on Kenny! (S might know him cos' I just found out that both of them are from NYP! What a small world!) Luckily I didn't have to buy strawberries cos' S cld get them in e end and well, decided against e skirt for WL cos' it was too long. Was tryin 2 decide if I shld get e bag fr H&C until I met YQ and XL! What a coincidence! They were commenting how I always seem to b in FE but that's not true! I only work there on Sats n I just happened to b there! And they took a photo OF me and not with me?! I was slightly bewildered...
I asked for e opinion n just when I was abt 2 pay for e bag...they said they wanted 2 get one too! So I was like..."hey, so u guys wanted to saw this bag too! Lucky I'm here can give u all discount! But yeah...if I buy two will A C b unhappy with me?"
But they were like "no need, we'll pay e full price" and before I knew it, they have paid for the bag and XL was like saying, what if we carry the same bag ard? I said, "dun worry lah, we seldom go out together mah."
I was running late for SR's bday dinner so I wanted to pay until the 2 girls stop me and suddenly told me that e bag is for me! I was in a state of shock?!" What? You're kidding me right? Huh?" I was EVEN MORE bewildered.
Everything happened so fast! But it turned out that it's cos' they couldn't make it for my bday party so they wanted to give me a belated bday present. Then my mum won't scold me for spendin $ on a new bag too...
HOW sweet! My bday was like eons ago?! So i was REALLY touched. Got a new bag just out of e blue! I was so happy I gave them a hug! Ohh...and I ought to organise a class outing!
Then I went for SR's bday treat at Bboss! Been some time since I went there! Luckily Dhoby Ghaut was I wasn't THAT late. Reached at about 7:10...waited till abt 7:50 before most ppl arrived and we placed our orders. S and I shared a seafood "platter"! It was ex! Supposed to have green mussels, lobsters, salmon, fish and prawns in "white wine and dunno what cream sauce"! Sounds good...tastes...not bad...but we seriously couldn't find the lobster and mussels. Bwahhah...we even ordered Nachos later cos' S wasn't too full. I liked the's sweet!
Talked quite alot to JH cos' he was sittin opp me and poor him...e only guy ard cos' Silly JF actually FORGOT dat it was dat Sun n was at a pre-camp. Sigh...too bad for him! I dun really tink much of e food in Bboss but I must admit that e atmosphere's great! Esp. e outdoors! But tradeoff is dat some ppl might smoke! Sigh...e insides abit too cold I tink.
THEN was too bad I couldn't wait till e cake cutting cos' I was like HORRIBLY late for WL's bday celeb at NTU! Took e mrt down n luckily C drove so she n J picked me up fr e station. I got 2 e lounge. Sat down...downed e creamy but taste BIG slice of cake n sat ard talkin abt my bags n WL's presents.
C later sent us all home so I got home slightly before 12 midnight.
Wow...what an eventful Sun! But fun!

Qihang @ Jubilee Hall
Qihang is St Nick's CLDDS' annual performance, equivalent to Hwachong's Huang Cheng. To be honest. The performance was not good. The plays were so short there was hardly any room for development...ideas were lacking, mainly very cliche and expected plots. Acting wasn't fantastic, so weren't the sets...the lightings cock up so much it was BAD...the only thing worth mentionin were the emcees...they were quite good, in fact better than some of the plays I would think...
But still, I enjoy it. ESP. the "xie mu". The all too familiar song, the excited and obviously happy faces, the energy of the girls...they shouting, screaming, cheering and HUGGING right after the song...
I guess that's all that matters. The effort and the applause and the feeling of being on stage. Even the teachers were so touched that they teared.
Pk, Pj, Hy, Mm and I stood at the junction to chit chat abit before heading home.
Oh...met Zhang lao shi again there...she was happy too!
I'm glad I went. Will continue to go every year I hope...and give constructive feedback.

Gingerbread man
OH! I can't believe I didn't mention my gingerbread man!
I've got this REALLY cute gingerbread man glitter "tatoo" on the insides of my left ankle! It's pinkish and REALLY REALLY cute! Considering that I like glitzy stuff and cutzy stuff...hee...someone commented that it looks christmazy...hee....too bad it's falling's only supposed to stay for a week.
Hope that the booth at wisma isetan will still b ard in xmas then. Wouldn't mind having another gingerbread man on me! hee...

Getting used to
So everything is just a matter of getting used face is still very round, very very...but the more I look at it...the less I think it's round.
In fact, most of the time, it doesn't hit me that i'm fat!
Until I see other people...until I look at myself in photos.
Oh my gawd...i AM fat.
Hmm...well, at least i'm coming to terms with it..;P hee...=)