I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, November 19, 2004

Singapore Idol

OMG OMG OMG...i JUST had to say this....

WHY is it SLY?!?!?!!?


From the initial drug addict...till now. Yes I admit I was once quite taken in by his "charming" smile and winks and what not...but HEY you silly google-eyed girls out there...WAKE UP and LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tian ah...he can't sing for nuts!!!!!!!! In the music of the Nigh.............................................I'll FOREVER remember and FAULT him for it man.

What the hell is NIGH?!?!?!?!?!?!? Say your Ts!

Are Singaporeans really so LC? Must we choose a Ah Beng to represent us? First this?!?!!?

And my poor poor Olinda...I so feel for U I wished I've voted more! Then won't have to waste my tears already....Your vocals are so fact it's the best! So what does this tell us?!?!

It's still a society with gender discrimination! Why MUST/SHOULD girls be slim and pretty?!!?!?


Dunno what else to say.



oh no...dun be mistaken, I wasn't really studying.

I can watching tv, playing games, surfing the Creative website, thinking if I should go home, thinking if I should go out...thinking of London, Barcelona and Paris....


But hey! I received good news this morning! =) I'll be starting work in V-Cool 3rd of Jan...and only going over to Shanghai sometime in Feb AFTER Chinese New Year! Hurray!

Can stay in sunny and happy Singapore for some time before flying off to China once again.

Can I NOT go for exams?


I've a good mind to pack my bag and sit at Changi to wait for 1 Dec to come.


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

MAD rush

no no...i'm not referring to my studying.

It's my DAY and esp. my dinner I think...that's such a MAD rush.

I woke up at 6...hoping that I can get some studying done before I leave at 8am for my dental appointment at 9am.

YES. 9am.

But it was when I stepped down from the bus that I realised. OMG, I was supposed to let my dentist see the progress of my teeth and let him tighten my retainers....BUT they are NOT with me!!! I left it back in HALL!

BEST. After having a "nice" 45min sleep on the bus...i dun think i really wanna go back n get it...So I told the nurses, my dentist was walkin past n he heard.

So he laughed.

Winner. I sat down, he took a bit of floss, showed me that my teeth is closing in quite well and that I probably dun need to tighten my retainers.

That didn't take a min!

And so I left.

Walked to OC Lib. Dropped a lib book. Sat down at Macs with a cup of tea and started reading my notes. Waited till the shops opened...walked over to Scotts to have my eyebrows trimmed. Walked back towards Wisma, TAKA, then walk walk walk, shopped shopped shopped.

Came back at abt 2pm. Headed straight to UWH. OMG once again. Why is that place so packed? Ppl seemed to be al falling sick, or all trying to do checkups and take vaccination jabs. But alot of the ppl who were waiting...were like me! All reading notes and textbooks. HAHA. It's really the reading period man.

The doc "kindly" prescribed 10 sort of medicine for me...the pharmacist was shocked, the nurse amused. I ended up paying $21.15 for them!! OMG. The pharmacist kept askin me if all these medicine was needed for my travel, does it mean that if i'm currently SICK i won't have to pay for them? I mean...they are all like for fever, running nose, come so ex...not standard meh? What the HECK lah. Nvr verified.

Took my jab, decided to read abit more at YIH canteen, den when I was abt to fall asleep, it was time for me to go to the Registrar to pick up my transcipt. Submitted it to NOC. Sat ard to wait for my friend (she's supposed to lend me notes to photocopy) and off to Arts we went.

Picked up our essays (A-)!! Yeah! =) worth my not sleeping one night! Zapped notes, and went Co-Op...Spent another $20!?!?!? WTF...i'm getting REALLY poor!!! And well...that's the end.

Got back hall feeling like a dead fish. Packed my dinner, bathed...den downed my dinner in...7 minutes?!?!!?

I can't believe myself either. Why is it that everytime I eat...time crawls and when I do other things like sleep, watch tv, etc...time flies?!?!

Ok ok...i'm sorry..i know I shouldn't gobble my food down like's no wonder that I get stomach problems and I get fat.

Sorry stomach. Sorry to my body.

I'm such a sinner cos' I ate biscuits, ice-cream, yakitori and bread with cheese and mayo?!?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I'm such a smart ass.

Besides for constantly falling asleep despite the fact that i've only less than 5 days to study for 5 modules STILL.

I happily sunk my teeth into mouldy bread.

OMG. Lucky I didn't lose my sense of taste and decided to "pui" whatever's left in my mouth...but now I feel TOTALLY yucky.

To think that I ate the 2 slices on top of that green bread just earlier this morning.


YUCKS. bleah.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


I was so tempted to start complaining. But I guess my PROGRESS is plain for all to see...i usually vent all my frustrations via my msn nick.


But anyways, the reason why I typed this entry is because I was touched by this documentary. If only I've seen this 3 years back...who knows? I might have "changed" and studied SO SO hard I'll end up with 3 or 4 As...and be in the med fac.

I Did...once in my lifetime...wished that I'll be a doctor who can help save lives. This documentary was about doctors and nurses who went on a voluntary trip to Indonesia to help poor children from the villages to do some simple surgery, to correct a defect such as a cleft lip.

Upon seeing how their parents were so sorry for the fact that they couldn't afford to let their children undergo a surgery, their happiness when they saw how "handsome" their child have become....I can't help but feel tons of respect for the medical staff...and thoughts of what a terrible thing "poverty" is.

A simple surgery, would probably have changed their lives forever...not just their appearance, but their futures...

My doctor all you can do help others k? You are doing a sacred job here! =)