I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, August 20, 2004

Chionging at Zouk

Was too zonked out to type this entry Thurs now a late one.

Weds late afternoon Cui suddenly called to ask if I was interested to go Chionging at Zouk. Since Mel also asked the same question...and i've no major commitments...I readily agreed!

In order to get a ride home on Cui's car, I went home, bathed...changed...took my ink catridges...and off I went to town with Cui. We headed for Double O bar at MS first...cos' of the free drinks!

We managed to SQUEEZE to the counter...I had 2 shooters (very sweet and nice!! ;P) plus one Long Island Iced Tea(which was damn strong lah!) So basically, I was REALLY red and getting quite high.

I finally understood why ppl must drink to get high den to dance. It's a weird sensation to know that ur mind is actually clear...yet you can't seem to walk a straight line...nor be able to stand properly...and that once I close my eyes...I just felt like sleeping...haha....

I danced quite madly for the rest of the night...I actually really enjoyed myself with Cui's med friends for a while...though I remember that the most of the night...Cui was bringin me all ard Zouk lookin for ppl amongst the HUGE HUGE crowd...haha...

Came back...bathed...and I'm amazed I actually managed to wake up the next morn to attend lect.


Another one of those weird dreams

It was me with alot of my other friends...think we were being held in different rooms...and a fight was about to break out between the rooms I think...and we were thinkin of how to save our lives.

Hmm...Singapore idol plus my escapism working up.

I dunno what I look for in life anymore. My dreams? They mean nothing now.

I'm just one sorry loser who's afraid of losing.

haha...yeah...that's pretty true.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here I am... here I am...typing an entry whilst "listenin" to football at 2:33am when I was suppose to wake up for breakfast tmr morn. Think I'll just da bao, drink milo...and come back to sleep...for a short while. Cos' tmr suppose to meet JF at JP for the lousiest or rather, funniest movie of the century. Just had to go and see how BAD it is for myself. Despite hearing SO much and knowing the entire plot. Actually...would rather watch Other movies...but since that's the only one we both dun mind watching...AND it's a weekday...might as well. ;P Will b missin out for lunch wif YH n XP. Actually...thought i wld give up every other thing 4 another chance 2 b wif someone. Apparently not...or mayb...i just hope it'll b e 2 of us affair...i dunno. haha...

Stella Huang Xiang Yi
Last Fri my twin told me something which made me happy momentarily. She said that T commented, after seeing Stella Huang Xiang Yi's advert for the Genki tea outside Guardian Pharmacy. T said that I looked like her. 1st reaction was: Wow...tell T that I love him!

On hindsight though, I have always thought to myself dat her face looked pretty ROUND in that advert...hmm...mayb cos' my face's round too? But she's quite chio lah no doubt...sweet at least...n most imptly...she's His Fav Girl right now.

Is that y i'm happy? Dat someone actually found a resemblance btw me n his new fav girl? I dunno.

I'm always "deceiving" myself in that sense...but if it makes me happy...y not right?

Phantom in the making
I AM a phantom in the making...I can see it coming already. Last night I came back late from work...and the entire hall was quiet cos' of the IBG I took the chance to go back home. Home was great. Great food at least...and good company, my bro for mindless chit chat, my father 4 some "nagging" to study hard, and my mum for watching korean vcds.

Woke up late Tues morn cos' was too tired fr watchin abit of swimmin last night. Missed e crucial Race of the Decade though. Damn. But I must say that generally...the athletics ARE good looking. Y wasn't I sporty? ;(

Tues...i'm REALLY one lazy bum. Came back early after lect...didn't know wat to do with my time fr 2pm till 5:30pm...mum was home already...cldn't go Yum Cha as planned...too lazy to go out and buy textbooks...tsk tsk...ended up reading emails, checkin this n that...watchin tv...snacking...till I was really SO bored decided to take a short nap.

5:30...met up with the scriptwriters. a REALLY short meeting...den well, i da baoed dinner...was SUPER unsatisfied with the salty pork...took out the curry which I brought fr home LAST wk...heated it up and was heavenly! It was still good! At least no stomachache till now! And yeah...decided that my mum's cookin was DA Best! =)

Took a shower and a REALLY long time to get ready for Kathy's bday party! Being Fat much clothes cannot wear! Heng I decided that I look QUITE gd in e yellow off shoulder espirit top...Rushed off (thought I was late), met the same junior which I met on the mrt last Fri. (what a small world...haven't got the chance to narrate my encounter with her...but realised what a nice girl she actually is, in countrary to my memories of her being a Pai Kia back in SNGS) Anyways, there was another junior with her. (found out that e 2nd junior is a wkend smoker?!!?) plus got to know this other guy called J fr biz ad too. Quite an enjoyable bus ride...and i hopped on e right bus 10 too! =)

Got to Raffles Place mrt on time! And met WeiLing, Joycelyn, and Esti! It was amazin cos' today's bday celeb was more of a st nicks gathering! Saw so so MANY ppl which I haven't got e chance to see up close in a long time! Ppl like Nat, Weitang, Rika, Qi Yong, Irene, Kaishan, Yifang and So many many more ppl!!! It was like a st nicks gathering of 4D, blue house, or even some of my pri sch mates! Had a chance to REALLY talk to Baoyi! Cleared up some "misunderstandings" ;P and found out that she's doing the same major and what not...even formed the tut grp with her! So exciting! and we updated abt common ex sch mates...our lives, their was cool. The champagne was great, so was the CAKE! MARVELLOUS> Too bad i didn't manage to get a slice back! =( It was the NICEST choc cake I had EVER was BIG too! I kind of like Opiume Bar. It's a nice cosy place to meet! Nice jazz, nice couch..too bad a bit e stuffy...but nice atmosphere cos' just beside e river somemore...=) Will try n go there more often!'s nearing 3...time to pack the da baoed food in2 e fridge and go 2 sleep. yeah...JJ is actually in KR a small world...n he actually didn't recognize me?! Until i told him i'm Cui's friend. Hahaha...i'm just not chio enough lah i can understand. haha...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bizarre Dream

When I was being a pig and snoozing away on Fri morning...I had a really weird dream. Best thing is...though I could remember all the details when I was repeatedly awoken by sms and phonecalls that morning.

I can't seem to remember much now. Except for the fact that there were 2 weddings. Both me and one of my good friends (cld b R, Pj or Hm or anybody i can't really recall already) but well, we're both gettin very impossible dui xiangs.

My this a premonition?

I sure hope not.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Sunday on a rollercoaster

I woke up, after drinking the Panadol Hot Remedy, feeling not bad. Not too bad lah. So I went for my Pilates class...which was horribly stuffy...but I felt INSTANTLY that's a plus point lah. Hahaha...honestly, the whole of Mon I felt like my posture had improved and my tummy least that lasted for a day. ;P

After I bathed it's off to Suntec to meet J again to visit the travel fairs. It was CRAZY...the amt of ppl...and's a long story but we stupidly "queued" for something which we need not have cos' we only wanted to buy tickets...and we ended with NOTHING basically. Except that I bought 2 tops which were going for quite a good price(1 funky top for $10 and a shirt for $21.50)...and J bought a REALLY nice dress from Fond Hugs and it wasn't even expensive! In fact, I thought $39 was a steal.

We asked SA, Chanbrothers...and in the end it was my BROTHER who helped me searched online to get the best price! It's crazy how these agents can blatantly claim that we won't get the tickets cheaper elsewhere. I guess it's true as in we won't get it from another agency but J and I just booked it online at Pacific Coffee...Hahaha...But we exchanged all our time for an experience I guess. Travel fairs are good for those interested in tours...not backpacking. And well...when things get on my nerves, I found out that I can go quite "MAD"...haha...think I kind of scared J by my snapiness and curtness. I'm a terrible girl...;P

Then I went Heartland Mall to have Yoshinoya dinner with my Mum, NTUC...and out to meet Cui to borrow her co-op card. We had a very nice chat at the bus stop as I eat the choc ice-cream she got me...and I found out more abt her attachment and I told her abit abt KR now.'s been so long since we last talked! I felt happy.

THEN...i came back...looked at the NOC application...and I got scared! Thought that the deadline very dubious...BEFORE does it mean 15th 2359?!?! And I haven't received one!??! So poor Shuyi and Mel had to put up with all my gibberish and try to calm me down...and as it turned out...ALL was fun. Managed to submit it today...after a bit of waiting...and yeah...had my door repaired...cos' the lock was spoilt. I like e KR technician...he's quite funny.

All right...enough shit from me. Had too much to eat for dinner at home again. Y is it that everytime I wanna try to be slimmer...I just end up eating more? Hmm...perhaps I need a shrink!

So long

It's been so long since I last blogged. Had alot of things in mind. Hope I can organise my thoughts and put them down properly.

Eat a bowl of bonbons

I TRULY enjoyed that show. Mass comm. has standard. Perhaps it's because it was short plays so it's easier to capture the audiences' attention but I was truly impressed by the acting. The articulation was good, the emotions strong and infectious. I saw tears, and true acting. I was touched....AND...I so fell in love with this girl! She was bubbly and cute and her acting exaggerated but not to the irritating extent. In short, she's great cos' she's a pleasure to watch. Honestly think that she's much better than alot of TCS or Channel U artistes presently! that was a good thing.

After the show, WQ, YH, BH, HM, XT and I decided to go Newton Circus for supper after a long deliberation. Supper was chicken wings (nice!) Both white & Black carrot cake...and Honey Lime. It was quite a good supper. It's always nice to meet up with BH n HM. They add so much laughter and joy and excitement to my life. It's also then I realise what a boring person I am. It's no wonder that I'm still so available. I'm not pretty, not funny, there's really no incentive to hang around someone like me. I'm a pretty sad character yeah?

I guess the running nose I had previously, accompanied by late night sleeps are the best combination for sickness...cos' I woke up the next morning feeling quite terrible. So Sat was spent in half a daze. The crowd wasn't as enthusiastic as they were last month...but one good thing was that I saw this REALLY cute guy with the nicest dimples! He's got a chio gf and they're both pretty polite! Nice...good looking ppl make my day i guess! And I had nice fish porridge for dinner...felt kind of healthy...and yeah...there was this lady who came to buy a top to go chionging..and she kept askin if she was fat. Honestly, she's nicely slim so we reassured her then S told me that I should have just said, "if u're fat then what do I call myself?"

It's true lah. S is a very nice girl and i'm sure there's no malice in her words. She's just being truthful.

I'm too fat for my own good! Arrgh. But of cos...there's always my gd friends like BH who'll keep reassuring me that i'm'm ok lah.