I am just Me. Am I?

Thursday, July 15, 2004


There's no one in the office once more. In fact, everyone left SUPER early today.

At 12:30 the office was practically empty. So I got down to photostating alot of info from Lonely Planet about the Europe countries WX, J, K and I were supposed to be doing research on...

Sigh. It's bright and sunny out there...perfect for me to go down to Holland V in search of my t-shirt and to take a walk...but i'm in i'm hanging ard...

but very tempted to go out for a while...but NUS is SO boring!

Wat shld I do?!?!

It's my first day back at work after a 3-day "break".

As usual, I finished up my work real fast...and now i'm grabbing the chance to "slack" before my boss bugs me abt e brochure.

Hmm...spent the entire night compling information about Italy. It's truly like a project. With endless info to go through...printed 24 pages of info out...but still rather disorganised...see how lah. Really looking forward to meetin the rest tonight! ;P

Europe...HERE I COME!!!

Disturbed sleep

I've been having bad dreams basically these 2 days. Which doesn't help the fact that I'm havin muscle ache all over...I wonder y, I didn't even do much vigorous exercises.

One night I dreamt that I was preparing for a trip with my friends. Plane was going to take off in 2 hours time...DEN i realised I haven't packed my luggage at all! Sounds ridiculous right? But that's exactly what I dreamt about.


There's another dream which I can't remember already. Only know that it's not very pleasant either.


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

FWOC @ Sentosa! =)

I managed 2 get up at 6:30 n actually took a mrt down to harbourfront hence I was there like way TOO early. but hey! It was a fun day at Sentosa!

Some interesting things:

1) I ate some sand while playing mua ji.
2) Nick n I hookin arms n takin a stroll ard e sand. (providin entertainment for all when playin 2-man soccer)
3) Our goal post bein e target of ALL 5 teams despite bein upslope. (Mus b KOK n his foul mouth plus NICK)
4) How the girls like to "soak" in the salty sea water n become prunes.
5) Nick wantin 2 piggyback me initially but changed his mind after hearin my weight.
6) the rolling over everyone's body game was FUN! (albeit dizzy)
7) met this REALLY friendly n chatty beach bus driver who took e wet bums (XY n I ) on a "tour" of e beaches in e 1st class seats! We also had a long chat.
8) Chattin wif SM, JR n WK on e beach after a nice lunch.
9) Learnin mass dance wif Shai my partner.
10) Gettin a BIG blueblack on my arm.

It's a good thing we ended early cos' I was SO SO tired on my way back! Am old already man. Tired of all these games...hmm...but I must say that it's been a fun day! =)



Yeah...had a scriptwriting meeting to do some fine tuning. Wif constructive input I feel that some improvements have been made. Not dat it's now a fantastic script but we tried. As usual I was late. Insisted on taking the bus so that I can save on mrt fare which made me EVEN MORE late. Bwahaha...had lunch at BK since that was where we had our meeting...Whopper meal! REALLY good deal! and of cos', that whopper is nothing to me lah. finished it wif not much probs!

Was supposed to go Kino to search for a book for stef. Which wasn't such a gd idea cos' I walked past ZARA, decided to go in, n bought a $24.90 top.

Nvm. Decided to go Mango 2 take a look. Best. Despite the fact that I know I'm very much deceived by the slimmin mirror...I still bought 2 tops for $49. Hmm...wat's wrong? haha...just felt like BUYING dat day. And it was all bluish, greenish stuff. haha..

So...I got to City link late! Still, I got to sit ard n laugh wif Stef and SR at Pacific Coffee. E feelin was gd! =) Some more I got 2 eat e last of their hazelnut cheese cake! yeah...;P Den we finally got to c e famous WL and ZY once again. ZY is actually quite easy 2 get along. Can crack silly jokes wif him I guess....but dis WL character...hmm...haha...SR n I just had a gd laugh 4 some time...cos'...haven't seen any1 SO geeky 4 quite a long time!

Went home for a nice dinner cos' decided against gg back 2 sch. I'm a bad girl. But I like being home now...I really do.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Wow...seems like it's been a LONG time since I blogged! Wif a busy Fri and a computer at home with a non-working mouse...there wasn't any chance for me to update.

Thurs night was fun! Met J, WX and K at sushi tei for dinner! Too bad P and E cldn't join us...that E ahh...forever workin her ass off! It's been some time since I last saw K! e sushi was ok i guess...only regret is that I didn't get to eat e peach sorbet which I set out to.

After dinner we set off for the oc lib to do some research on our end-of-yr Europe backpackin trip! K will b joinin e team! Haha...we allocated countries for further research! We even tried to decide on our next meeting time n venue so dat we can propose an itinerary! It was so like a project! =)

Fri was rather exciting too! I met up with S! We went shoppin ard Far East n Scotts for a while. I bought a top fr Espirit for only $11.70! and I had my eyebrows plucked. We were supposed 2 b gg 2 e hawker outside somerset mrt for dinner but e queue is simply horrible! it seemed impossible 2 find a seat so we proceeded downwards...

Stopped at dis indian vegetarian restaurant called MTR. Had 2 curries plus spice rice, prata and this...err...rice flour wrap with potatoes i think. Plus dis "almond milk thingy" Err...interesting fare...challenges e taste buds wif So many spices! but I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, dun tink I'll ever want 2 go back again.

Sat was a great day except for e fact dat I stupidly boarded 55 instead of 54. Had a great day at work cos' i enjoyed being e cashier! Felt quite accomplished! =) Sales were GREAT too! dinner was nice n relatively cheap! but too bad there was dis unreasonable customer but aiyah. dun think abt her.

Sun. Had my first fundamental pilates class! It was quite cool! Just alot of stretching exercises but I think wow...even so I was's TOUGH stretchin exercises! Seems like I've been doing things e wrong way...n might b STILL doin them e wrong way ;P Den it was home 4 a scrumptions brunch den my mum n I went down to OG at Chinatown. I felt accomplished once again cos' I didn't go on a shoppin spree! Got a t-shirt though...n like dis skirt alot! Even my mum approved but's $69 so it's "forgotten".

Dinner was at e hawker at Kovan. Den hrs spent in front of e TV cos' of e charity show. As usual, e local artistes risk their lives and e foriegn ones gave their all singing! As usual, I cried over e fates of those ill and their family who's often plagued by other TERRIBLE problems...Once again I can't help but think my so-called problems r all so insignificant.

I'm a lucky girl.

Thanks to whoever's up there!