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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Check him out babes! *drool* Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

My new love...Kwon Sang Woo aka Quan Xiang Yu

I'm so in love with this man.

Just when I was questioning myself...why is it that I've only been in one relationship? Why is it that when I listen to soapy love songs on a rainy day on the bus...there's only this ONE person I can think about?

No...I don't want that. I'm already 22...and yet these are all the memories I have.

haha...and yet...after One entire year of being "crush-less"...I choose to "fall in love"...with a...Korean Actor.

It's no wonder...I can foresee myself being a spinster already. Plus the fact that I'm not doing anything to make myself more attractive both physically and behaviourally.

TOo bad for me I guess.

But hey...Xiang Yu is THE MAN! Or should i say Che Cheng Jun is Da Man? Successor of a Shopping Mall and Amusement Park, Handsome, Rich, Super fun to be with...and most importantly...Very devoted.

I love the way he frowns when he thinks of his "lost loved". I love the way he tears when he reminances...I love the way he cries when he realised that his love has cancer...I love the cheeky way he smiles/laughs when they are having fun. People out there love his "body. But what attracts me most is his face...When he's sad my heart aches but when he smiles I can't help but smile too! =)

Sighz...Cui's right...these Korean Drama poison my mind. Where on earth can I find such a man?


That's y I'm destined to be a spinster.

Hougang Chinatown

Okie...time to talk abit abt Hougang Chinatown.

It's actually just a pasar malam...bigger scale...and lasting for a much longer time! =) Plus all the lights hang around the streets! The red lanterns...a HUGE fortune god who supposedly throws lucky numbers out 3 times per night...and lots of dragon plus lion dances...

My area has been bustling with activities lately.

And that makes me very happy! =)

Yeah yeah! Though i must say having supper 4 nights in a row wasn't that good a thing...;p


sighz i'm such an IT idiot. All I wanted to do was to try and upload a profile photo but I didn't know where I can get an url for the photo? So I tried uploading using Hello! and yeah...the picture appeared as one of my entries.

Well...I thought the photo was quite nice so decided to just keep it there. Bwahah...though it is abit out of the blue but yeah.

I've no idea why i'm so tired today when I've effectively done NOTHING.

It was office shifting day. I got to the office. Surfed maybe ONE website? Den the connection was we basically hang ard chit nice manager gave me the excuse of going to NUS library to help him do some research so I happily went to HSS.

I searched for books...surfed abit...met up with You Jie and Jingwen for lunch...den I go back to office.

Yes...despite my heart wanting to go out shopping/walk ard etc...cos' i was afraid that my colleagues wld spring me a call and I wouldn't know what time I can get back.

To my "delight"? I got back to office to find 3 ppl playing dai di! So I happily joined in! We played and played...shifting our "den" from our office to another when they started to dismantle our stuff. I lost badly...only won 6 sets out of about 40??? Haha...

Then at about 4 something they said we could go back cos' we were of no help at all. But we continued playing till about 5:30pm.

My gosh...wat a waste of precious time! To think that my manager called to explain that he told me to go to the library cos' he knew that I wld b wasting my time in the office. I shld have made use of that time to do something constructive!

But come to think of it seriously...what's constructive?

I want to go KTV but there's no one to go with me.

I want to go shopping and spend money. But hey...haven't I been spending enough?

so what else is there left to do? even if i really wanted to do something...who shld I ask?

Maybe...I need to pack my room, pack my things....

Arrgh. This is vexing!

One of Gaudi's colourful works! Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Morning Glory - the crux

I was just reading the previous posts...then I realised that...

I actually forgot the most important part of the aftermath of Morning Glory!

All that happened actually kind of rekindled the "fire" for drama in me once again.

Like what my twin said.

I miss Huang Cheng.

And more simply said.

I miss the stage.

I will try my very best to take part in a production or to be involved in a a theatre company in future.

Really really. I must keep that "aim" in mind...though it definitely won't be easy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


How now brown cow?

Rei just planted an idea in my head. She told me to postpone my flight from 19th Feb Sat to 20th Feb Sun.

So that I can go for the KR bash on Sat.

But...cos' i'll be flying Thai airways. The entire trip will take close to 8hrs plus transit...meaning I'll only reach Shanghai in the late afternoon despite flying off from Singapore at 8am!

Which translates to little time to rest and settle other personal stuff before reporting to work on the 21st Mon!

How how??

Suggestions my dear friends?

Morning Glory!

KR's 3rd original hall production took place on 29th Jan 2005! And I was really glad that I've got the chance to actually watch it!

When I came to know that the Master was looking out for people to write an original script...I was really tempted...but didn't dare to go for an interview...but wow! I was actually "selected" to join the scriptwriting team!

Then came all the meetings at Wheelock Place staring at Lingerie and wrecking our brains for ideas. 10s of ideas came down to 2...then we decided on the ONE. Coming up with a main theme really wasn't that was the development of the story...then E's place, scriptwriting at F's...Brainstorming, refining, typing script during my work...haha...those days were "fun" in a certain way.

But honestly speaking...after the 2nd or 3rd draft was handed over to E and C...the 4 of us kind of "faded" into the background. There were alot of talk abt the script being changed over and over...abt this, abt that. I went to Europe, WL finally got his gf...F was happily in USA...and C...supporting Rockers? haha...

Time passed and I guess I somehow...didn't really DARE to say that "hey! I wrote the script for Hall Prod!" cos' I really didn't know how it "developed".

So it was with a really normal heart that I went to watch KR's hall prod.

But suddenly ppl i know "found out" that I was part of the scriptwriting team so I got smses of "encouragement".

I heard the lines which we wrote being was really a strange feeling. Happy..yet.."apprehensive" maybe? As the story unfolds...I was rather proud of the fact that more punch lines was added...and that some characters were given more flesh. Of cos' I didn't totally appreciate the director's direction...but I was proud of the fact that C really did put onto the stage her perception of what the musical shld be was as per what she decribed to us a long time ago.

But...I guess the most satisfying part was that my friends actually reflected that they liked the script alot! =) Yes we didn't write those poems...but my friends liked the concept! GW said that the idea was good, AL said that it's not easy to write a serious play...JW was all grins and very sincere when he said that he liked the script...

I was SO happy! Then I started to regret the fact that I didn't sms ALL my friends to support my attempt at scriptwriting.

Haha...but's over. For those who missed it and wished to take a look...

I might just buy the VCD! ;p

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tired tired


I didn't know that calculating and keying in data can be so tiring! I actually spent almost an entire day of "full concentration" before I finally completed compiling ONE set of documents! (There's another envelop lying on my desk right now)


But well well...I'm still in a really "high" mood actually. It must be all the excitement of last night's vball's still in my head.

We won the 1st 2 the whole of KR kind of thought that wow..okay, it's gonna be over soon. But who knows? TH actually took the next 2 sets! Actually by the 3rd set my throat was already super dry but I perserved! When the 4th set ended I almost wanted to cry but I felt that I couldn't give up on KR...and YEAH! BRAVO! What a marvellous last set it was! We took so many points right at the start! With great spikes and serves! Woo hoo! I was literally jumping and screaming my lungs out! Almost forgot how powerful my voice can actually be! It was really fun! All the anticipation and all...the heart actually skips a few beats when the ball is caught by the opponent or when we face a VERY dangerous situation!

I was so high...i think my breath was ringing in my ears long after the match was over.

The walk back was just as memorable..with R, M and AM...and we just kept on saying the strong points of each individual players...K's spikes are so accurate and positioned, CV is so powerful, WH is so steady...blah blah...and we made fun of each other and laughed all the way back.

This is what hall life is all about I guess. The being together...and...the fact that when i walked about at nearly 2am...the 2nd floor was SO full of life u wld have thought it's probably 8pm.

I am so going to miss hall.

Okay...that's all for now. Will try to blog more later! I think I should start on my second stack of forms...hmm...

Monday, January 31, 2005


Am exhausted now...and i'm using my ex-roomie's com so dun haf e luxury to blog blog blog...have so many things to say!

1. My new love, Kwon Sang Woo and the Stairway to Heaven.
2. The "happening" Hougang Chinatown
3. The fantastic KR Hall production, MORNING GLORY
4. The MOST exciting Male Volleyball Match ever! KR vs TH!

my oh my...i'm a very happy girl!!! =)

Look out for my bombardment of entries! Coming really soon! (I hope)