I am just Me. Am I?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

=)? =(?'s been some time since you guys heard from me...guess it's time I give a quick update.

I've officially started the wretched working life. Working hours are from 9am to 630pm. Though there is a 2hr lunch break, it's really quite tough trying to endure till 630. Besides, the people in my office often go home can foresee a VERY busy future ahead, esp. in China when working days are like 6!!! Plus the fact that my shanghai boss has already thrown me a few tasks...I've been trying to translate, research, and undergo training and trying to memorise things all at one time! It can get quite taxing...I think the travelling to and fro plays a part too? It takes me 1 and a half hours to get to Science Park! Bloody hell...sigh...i'm complaining so much...though it has only been officially 2 and a half days!

Cos' yesterday I spent the morning travelling to YIH to see the doc, plus meet up with the rest of my NCS mates to apply for Visa together plus eat lunch, and talk cock. Good thing is...I think i'm gonna like my house mates. My roommate is a very nice and sensible girl (hope she can tolerate being with me though), plus 4 guys...of which one is a HUGE crapper...think our house MIGHT just be quite fun and happening...if I'm home long enough to "enjoy" it.

But good things did happen along the way! Like meeting Rei and having Garlic Chicken Chop on Mon. Watched Kung Fu Hustle with YJ today. It was really very very funny! Plus it was actually quite captivating! I mean...I was actually "jing zhang"! Hahaha...

But...there's one MAJOR problem bugging me. (Literally)

I think I should come clean with all my dear friends...though I fear that I'll face "rejection".

Hahaha...sounds serious right? Actually...quite. I've got Scabies. It's this microscopic parasite mite thing that attached itself to me...and apparently manifested ALOT! So my left leg is super badly bitten! Both my feet itch...and my right hand has quite a few bites too. My left elbow plus abit on my didn't even spare my face and neck! I feel so disfigured!!!'s not easy to rid of I feel bad that my mum has to stay up late with wash my clothes and bedsheets with warm water every single day! Plus I might have left some behind in the initial stages...and they might already have infected my family members! Cos' the inhibition period is like abt a few weeks! =( I'm so upset. Not only am I miserable...I'm scared my family will be too! But i've been applying poison on myself. the mites SHOULD have died...but I'll continue to itch for a month...and god knows when the marks will disappear...=( But rest assured that I'll cover myself up...and not come into physical contact with any of you should I see you all k? So...dun shun me like I've some diseases k? Okay...maybe I really do...but...SIGHZ.

All right...time to sleep...think I'll need more than 2 cups of coffee tmr!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


I am back home! It is quite incredible. After a month of travelling and nearly 13hr flight. Yes I am home.

It has been only a few hours since I've touched down. I have sort of unpacked. Left with a 8kg backpack. Came back with one 8kg one, and another 20.8kg one on my back. Even my Bro said I was good.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing how I got ard man. I think that explains the blue-black on my fingers.

But I am back. With alot of chocs, food (we love the supermarkets), clothes even...and over 2000 photos.

Yes, I think it's that much. But I haven't uploaded all so I'm not sure.

Oh my gosh. This is crazy. I only had time to read through my mail but there is like a lot of things that I should be doing. Like replying my mails, thinking about my accomodation, and clearing out my backpack, packing my room....AND.

Intership starts on Monday.

Why did I ever agree?

Bwahahaha....hope all goes well.

Happy new year folks! I shall be back with more stories asap! =)