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Saturday, January 04, 2003

BP Day 2

We woke up early the next morning and took a ride along the Chao Phraya River to the little floating market. It was really little compared 2 e last one that i've Chiang Mai if i'm not wrong. I've been to thailand twice before this getting all confused. =P Visited Temple of Dawn. It was a rather pretty pagoda made with alot of porcelain(wonder if they were imported fr china?) but we couldn't climb all e way up, much 2 e dismay of my brother. And of cos my mum n I wouldn't give up e chance to buy more things at e mkt. We were later brought to a leather factory which i "generously" spent alot of my mum's money to buy her and myself leather wallets.

We were also brought to see the famous 4-face Buddha which was said to be really "ling". After lunch we went to see short performances with cobras. It was an attempt to try and sell their medicine. We went to a Gem factory too! Saw many pretty jewellery which we couldn't afford of course, but i was quite proud of myself for not succumbing to temptation and making my mother buy a useless ring for myself again despite the fact that she asked.

The next stop was a Tiger farm near Pattaya. There we took photo with this cool tiger cub with an attitude. It scared the hell out of my mum when it shrugged off her was very well captured in the shot it was really funny! =) I guess it didn't like that fact that weird people were carrying it the whole day long and flashes kept disturbing it. But it looked really cute when it played with the toilet roll! Oh! and the tiger cubs were fed by a MASSIVE sow! with lots of little piglets around was kind of heart warming to see these animals living together harmoniously under one roof...but pretty unnatural at the same time. We then saw this Pig do Mathematics! The training gave instructions such as 6-4=? and amazingly, the pig usually picks up the right number! We suspect that there was some hidden codes in the questions that the pig can pick up. We also saw pigs racing and swimming! It was there that i realise that pigs are less afraid of the water than dogs are! =) That night we checked in Pacific Prince Hotel in Pattaya and went shopping at Tops the supermarket.

Bangkok Pattaya

Well, as usual, after MIA for a few days, when i'm back i shall narrate the more recent happenings first.

oh firstly...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year knocked off to a pretty special start, spent my new year over at a different country for the first time! (that's as far as i can remember) I flew over to bangkok 29th of Dec 2002. Reached there at night but my family n I still managed 2 do some really late shopping at a nearby big shopping center called MBK shopping centre. Bought a lot of lighters that cost us 100 Baht each and some really cheap sushi which totalled up to about 20cents per piece! My brother was especially amazed and amused by the price.