I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Sadness is not good for health

hmm...guess i started my blog in such a sad'll not be a happy blog. So...=)
Today's not such a bad day after all. I really like my roommate cos she's always around for me when i needed someone. I think the exam stress must be getting to us cos everywhere we went, we ended up laughing like mad dogs. But it was fun. Laughter is truly therapathic...

I'm sure things will get better soon...somehow. =)

And i do wonder...will i ever show you to my friends dear blog?

On my journey...<b>

I'm finally here. =)
After resoluting to keep a diary for so long...I finally found my way here.

In Search of myself.
My identity.
My goals.
My love.
My passion.

Yes, i've been feeling lost, that i've lost something. My friend told me it's just that I haven't forgiven myself...

She's right. How could she have known so much about me when we only converse for less than 5 times in a year?

Disappointment with myself for losing my first love.
Disappointment with myself for not performing in JC.
Disappointment with myself for having achieve good grades for As.
Disappointment with myself for not being what i hoped to be.
For not having obtain a scholarship, not knowing where i'm heading...not studying hard, not making friends, not keeping my friends...

there's actually so many things i'm bothered about. And yet nothing much is done for i refuse to think. I do not wish to acknowledge it. I live day by day and let my emotions and feelings take control over me.

Dear diary, do you know how i feel?

Lost sheep in the wilderness...