I am just Me. Am I?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Beautiful Paris

hey everyone! i am still well and alive! haha...jus a bit not dat very accessible cos e internet connection in paris is Really super expensive. no kidding. 22cents per min somemore e keyboard is slightly different i m having difficulty typin now. plus it is freezin cold... my hands feel like they r perpetually put in e freezer! i cannot type extensively now but i must say that paris is even more beautiful than london is n i m truly enjoying myself though it is really really cold over here!

be prepared for hundreds or even thousands of photos ppl! n lots of stories if i bother to keep an account after i return to singapore. btw...pls ask me out for meals when i get back man. everything is so expensive here...i m gg broke. but definitely not starving myself cos paris is to me...nice bread smells n a beautiful city.

keep e sms comin ppl. i can get them via e internet. my hp died when i was in disneyland...cldnt receive any sms 4 a day.

all rite. hope i dun freeze n dat my photos turn out fine pls pls pls pray pray

hope 2 hear fr u guys! =)