I am just Me. Am I?

Monday, December 06, 2004


I must be getting old...i tire out so now...i feel like recording my day but i'm simply too sleepy...

Everyday in London...I see new things and I'm touched.

I hope to be able to blog fully soon...maybe tmr morn? I'm just so sleepy now...but there's no space for me to sleep!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

leg breaking day

To make up for lost time...our itinery was really packed for the day.

I woke up super early despite sleeping late cos' we were watching this Hilarious Taiwan variety show and the person they were interviewing that day is Hei Ren and it was SUPER funny cos' he used to be such a weird guy who placed his shit in his friend's drawer as "revenge"! And he likes to go around stark naked!

Btws...we woke up at about 6am...starting planning for the day in detail all over again...and set off to Portebello market. It was a HUGE magnificient market cos' the "antiques" or the old stuff are really quite pretty! The clothes were pretty nice as well and the food market...WOW! Haha...but I didn't buy anything except for ALOT of postcards, a winter cap, plus a few London pins and a Boneless Chicken Leg sandwich. I surprised myself for being so "sensible" but I really feel like the stuff here are too expensive to be purchased. was a joy walking through the "pasar malam" in London.

Cos' of our reluctance to leave the market...we ended up late for our other sight seeing plans. We decided to get the tickets for British Airways London Eye first.(A ferris wheel-like ride to catch a bird's eye view of london!) We then set off for Buckinham palace...but no admission cos' the queen is still in residence, no changing of we left after a short short while. We then took ALOT ALOT of pictures of the Parliament House and Big Ben especially as we walked across the Westminster bridge. I haven't seen that many buidlings as yet...but right now my favourite building would have to be the Parliament houses! I haven't seen anything so magnificient and pretty I just couldn't take my eyes off it! After we took a ride on the London eye, (had to queue more than half an hour to enter the capsule!) we then rushed to Westminster Abbey but it was too dark to see anything!!!

(to be cont...)