I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, April 09, 2004


I know I shouldn't be thinking about this at this point of time.

Not when the exams are in my face. And that my friends are facing terrible problems.

Just like how I wasn't supposed to be watching meteor garden.


After a non-existing love life of almost 4 years....

I can't help but wish,

though I no longer believe.

That one day I'll find that person who I was meant to love, and who will love me...and we'll go through all kinds of happiness, tears, hardships, heart-breaking moments, memorable romantic moments...

And yet end up together. Till the day we die.


Thursday, April 08, 2004


Hmm...wonder why i haven't been posting.

No, i wasn't busy. At least not as busy as i SHOULD be.

I watched untold scandal, the eye 2 and A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER TV...drama, variety show..what not...

but least I've completed my Chinese Economy Term Paper after typing a full 2 and a half days...and read 2 chapters of macroeconomics...WOW...what an achievement esp when exams are in less than 3 days time.

I think I'm trying to murder myself.


I really wonder, everything else is more attractive to me than studying! I can surf the net aimlessly, walk abt unneccesarily...Went home last night to do NOTHING again and looked through my old photos...

But well...hey...what's my aim of posting here?

Oh! Dinner tonight was pretty interesting! SY and B came to sit around Rei n I today! SY was right, it's been some time since I last had dinner with the blk! SY is just as cute! And he can be cheeky too! But me ahh...I haven't been communicating enough I think....Can't speak properly, can't HEAR properly too...made a fool of myself in front of B by saying NEL as NIE (once again) and mistaking "heavy hair" for "hairy hair"

Hai...but it's rather hilarious and pretty fun when I think abt it again!

PLS's already thurs...stop wasting your life away and STUDY.....

Monday, April 05, 2004

My Dream Character! =)


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