I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, December 27, 2002

Sheares hall production bash

i think it's been years.
Since i last posted i mean. But since it's 4:11am in the morn yet i'm still pretty much awake n still waiting for my hair to dry, i thought i should post something up here...
It's actually kind of drizzling outside...nice to sleep!

I jus came back from a party. It's been so long since i've clubbed but i sure had fun today! drank till i was red. (what's new?) and danced till my legs are sore! was really fun. It was nice hanging out with huimin, baohuan, weida and pk's nice n pretty friend lixuan. Even the sheares ppl were nice 2 b with! Met a few ppl...n all...i truly enjoyed myself.

Finally unpacked all e rm is ABIT nicer...but still very untidy, n well...i jus stuffed many things out of view! i'm basically not "packed" yet but wat the's at least a start!

think i should head for bed...waking up at...ermm...9:30am tmr to eat a buffet lunch! wah...i lead a good life...n going really broke! =P

hee...night night my dear diary...i'll try and visit you again soon! crush messaged me a few days back! Am so happy! =)