I am just Me. Am I?

Friday, December 06, 2002


I'm so tired...
that's the only thing i feel like saying for now...

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Long time no see

Yeah! Finally shifted into my new hall with internet connection! i tried to type somethings into my com while i'm away but never very substantial. Well, anyhow i'll still put it up as soon as i sort it out. Sigh, haven't been putting my language skills to the test. Feels like not only my chinese have deterioriated but my english too! What the...i'm a SIngaporean anyway and Singlish is what we're best at! =)

can't breathe very well again, should have switched my fan lower. Anyhow, I dreamt of my crush last night. Dreamt that we were travelling to somewhere together, was having a very nice chat, and somehow, he held my hand. But the saddest thing was that even in my dream, i knew i was dreaming, that it wasn't i wasn't even truly happy.

Heard from Liyi from 93.3fm's music diary that one should learn to love oneself before others can love them.
It's such a simple truth but people so tend to forget. At least i do. Hmm...i must bear that in mind in future.

Was talking to a jc mate of mine last night. And he told me that it's impossible that i didn't make many friends here. It's not like i'm anti-social or something. Hmm...that's food for thought again.

And my best friend asked me why i abandoned her 2 years back. Honestly i dunno what to say. It was like she was always on my mind but i never made the effort to look for her? Think i'm just a plain lazy bum. =P But well, things happened...and...i dunno. hahaha...cos i'm always quite an escapist as well.

Ok, i shall end off here first. See you soon!