I am just Me. Am I?

Saturday, May 29, 2004


I know i's a Sat. But last night at about 12 midnight, V suddenly messaged to ask if I could work. Well, I did promise W that I'll b checking out GSS with my st nicks pals...but then again, I've rejected V so many times I dun feel gd rejecting her again esp. after I bugged her for so long.

Besides, I'm sure I won't b able to fit in most of the stuff on sale. Not like those things r very pretty too. And my pay for the day can be translated into my bus fare for the rest of the month! So what if I've gotta work from 11:30am to 10pm?? Haha...already thinking of buying things and spending that money EVEN BEFORE i laid my hands on it...sigh.

Hope the day will be great! =) Can expect a crowd cos' it's 1. Sat 2. Sch hols started 3. GSS just begun.


Friday, May 28, 2004

The end of my freedom...

I can't wait for Monday to come yet I'm also rather apprehensive...

But no matter what, I made sure that I'll spend my remaining days to the "fullest" aka i won't be rotting at home.

So I went swimming again, perhaps won't be able to do it for a long time to come...then HR, XY n I had lunch at Macs b4 meeting R to go down to Orchard to check out the GSS.

Surprisingly, there's nothing much to see...=( still I managed to buy a top and grabbed some accessories on my way back home fr bishan. I would say that a crowd draws a crowd...cos' at GG<5 there was a crowd simply because payment was manual but I believed that aided sales cos' alot of people dropped by and all eventually landed up queueing to buy something! There was alot of people on the streets and alot of John Little plastic bags! hahaa...

We met M in town and after window shopping for sometime, we landed at Coffee Express cos' R had some vouchers. We had wedges, mocha vanilla and mudpie! Yum yum! =)

Then home I got for dinner...

Think W and com gg to check out GSS tmr...haha...i think i shld go b4 I start work and hence won't b able to go anywhere!

Hope I won't spend tmr...pray pray...b sensible shuhui b sensible...U've got ur europe trip to work towards!

4K! I'm sure i'll be able to save up!
I'm sure!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

I totally agree with the Avoidant disorder...HY has been telling me about that since years ago...but Narcisst?!? Hmm...maybe I love myself too much it turns to hate?

I wonder??


It's no wonder that my horoscope told me that i'll go broke this week.

Tues after I went swimming in the morn with HR and XY, we went off to Long John for waffle fries and chicken.

Then I met JF at bishan for Shrek 2. It was hilarious. I so enjoyed the show...the animation was amazing! But sigh...I can't believe I missed the baby dino-donkeys at the end of it. Wanna kill myself.

Then I was off to OC! haha...Met WX and J for dinner at Far East! Managed to get the last bit of the chicken! a HUGE waffle at Gelare...yum.

The French film was funny yet "inspiring" too in a weird sort of way. It's about this French boy who went on an exchange called Eramus to Spain and how he led his life there with a huge group of students from all over Europe. The love they've experienced...I dunno...just reminds me of Hm in B. I suppose that when you're in a foreign land...and that you spend so much time with other ppl...the so called "love" back in your hometown might not be able to withstand the pressures of such a long distance.

Wed was just as "exciting". Woke up to go OC once more for a scriptwriting meeting. It was totally chop chop cos' well, i had to leave early to meet sponsors with YS. We travelled from Aljunied to Tampines then to Lor Chuan and finally back to Clementi. Sigh, precisely cos' we waited a Bloody 20 mins at LC that the cab fare actually came up to abt $30! I was SO broke after that...heart pain ah...that stupid person actually went for a meeting and left me waiting outside when she could have just grabbed that tiny plastic bag of keychains!

Then I was luckily driven to Lido where I was supposed to meet M for a movie. It seems that both Cine and Lido were fully booked for Troy!!! In the end we settled for Laws of Attraction. It's not a movie I would have chosen to watch but in the end i'm glad I did.

Brosnan is indeed charming...despite his age but just looking at him you can't deny that he's good looking. Julianne Moore is also very attractive! Most importantly is that I think she can act very well! Though it's just a somewhat "typical" romance but the wit and humour wins over the audience. It's a show that'll make people happy.

Rushed home to catch AMI! hmm...Diana surprised me but I still like Fantasia!!! She's definitely a performer! Sure hope she'll win! Still, can't help but feel disappointed not to see Latoya perform again.

Thurs...woke up to go yishun to catch The day after tomorrow. My gosh, 4th movie in the glad I watched it. It's one of those catastrophe plus brave heroic show but's still a winner combi.

The effects were amazing. The prospect of such a catastrophe still scares the hell out of me...and boy...was the cinema cold! Guess that added to the effect, you feel like u're caught in the snow storm too. I like this show cos' the "heros" lived...a few "side-kicks" were sacrificed of cos' but it was handled pretty well I think. At least all the dying didn't seem so scary except for the instance freezing. The bravery of both father and son...hmm...I think the people are rather good looking too! Though I dun really know who exactly they are but well...=)

OOOoooooooo...most importantly...I received good news yesterday! Right after the meetin at orchard, Z called me on the train to tell me I got the job...I GOT THE JOB AT IRO!!! My ideal job!!! I'm so happy!!! But cos' it was so noisy on the train I didn't really hear what she was saying...still...I'm so elated I wanted to scream! Funny thing is V called subsequently to ask if I still wanted to work for the month of June. Too bad I had to tell her that I JUST found a job! Hmm...trimming my eyebrows did change my luck abit! haha...

Happy happy...=)

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Mon came and left. I went for the job interview at IRO.

Oh my...I so WANT the job! I hope i'll get selected! It's like to give admin support and perhaps do some translation and ultimately to come up with a brochure or phamplet to help promote China as a SEP destination.

I'll enjoy this job! Plus the pay is so attractive! I would need the money! But I think I didn't manage to put myself across as very enthusiastic! I wonder why I was acting coy!!! And my "connections" with Chinese might help me too...but all these I didn't say!

Super tempted to send an email to promote myself. Should I?

Damn...I want the job!

After the cruise

Right after the cruise I went straight to compass pt to meet the lishis. It was M's bday.

It's always nice meeting friends, no matter what, though I was died tired but it all seemed worth it.

Compass point is actually quite a big shopping mall. and the mrt is like just beneath! That place kinds of remind me of J8.

My friends were envious of all my eating spree...and they were of cos' curious as to whether I got seasick.

Actually no, I kind of enjoyed the swaying. Until night came and I was so dog dead tired and sleepy I started to sway left and right while brushing my teeth...

It felt like I was on the ship again...but this time I felt sick...oh gosh...

Monday, May 24, 2004


Can't help but advertise for them here! Last Thurs the Zhejiang gang (LX, K and SY) decided to sing karaoke like the good old times! We went to the Kbox at Jurong East. 1 pastry puff and a drink per singing from 11am till abt 3pm (they only chased us out then when the package is supposed to end at 2pm). It only cost a grand total of $21!!! We were very happy! And we sang alot and tried to talk alot too! =)

Right after that we were so excited about the ice-skating rink and the pool table outside that Sy, Lx and I decided to play pool for a while! It'll cost us $4.80 per hr till 4pm and subsequently $8.80...we thought $8 was too ex so we settled for playing pool for only half an hr! was hilarious cos' we tried to play fast yet we're so eventually we just anyhow hit without playing by the rules!

Hahaha...still...we enjoyed ourselves alot and then we made arrangements for another ice-skating outing sometime this week....hope it'll go through! =)

Missing the stars

As I was staring at the stars on the cruise, I was so touched I wanted to share my happiness. I tried to send a sms to someone...but as I was sending the message, my phone went flat.

I never knew if the message reached that person or not. I guess it's fated. That I shouldn't be contacting that person anymore.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Cruising together...

been away a few days...but things continued to happen...just that I haven't got the chance to "pen" it down...

let's see. I think I should talk about my cruise trip first!

The harbourfront cruise centre is a familiar yet foreign place. Couldn't help but reminisence. Time flew by. 4 yrs ago I was at the same place boarding the same Superstar Virgo. But the difference is that i'm 4 yrs older, 4 kgs heavier and gg wif a very different heart.

4 yrs ago there was some1 waiting 4 me 2 come back n I went on board with a very confused and disturbed heart. 4 yrs later, there is no one and I'm just carefree basically, lest wif only memories to keep me company.

The cruise centre is familiar yet foriegn, cos' there seem to be less waiting places, more shopping areas...and well, no one can doubt the fact that harbourfront is revamped.

After standing ard 4 almost an hr and meeting pretty qiuru in a sarong (gg on a ship to batam for dnd??), we were finally given clearance to board the ship. Besides for my mum n bro, my aunt, uncle, with their 2 children, 2 children-in-laws, one in-law, 4 grandchildren and a maid, we happily boarded the ship. I chose to take photo with the bear this time round cos' i took a photo with the penguin already!

Next came a massive room reallocation and shuffling of room cards. Once we settled into our rooms it was time for dinner! Wow...Sambal fish was fascinating! As we were so hungry we basically cleared the table! Overall: VERY satisfactory meal!

(Interruption: I forgot where I heard this but if being scared by a lizard can bring me fortune, then I shld b very rich by now cos' I almost jumped out of my skin when the lizard pop up in front of me just now! Gack...)

Night was spent watching cartoons in cabin, abit of snooker and a 9-ball pool tornament. I just found out that Philippinos are supposedly pretty good at pool! But it's cool watching them clear the table effortlessly, esp. when I just had a real crappy game of pool on Thurs! (elaboration later)

The bunch of us also caught a show put up by the crew. It was basically a acrobatic, dance, opera singing, fanciful costumes and lights and sets kind of performance. It is not too bad honestly. I was really amazed when I saw the "giant" of the show. He's actually a 21 yr old man from Shenyang, China...standing at 68cm tall and weighing only 5kg!! It's amazing...really. After the show, we were allowed to take photos with him. I struggled a long long time. Truthfully I felt bad that he has such a defect and that he must perform and take photos to make a living. This kind of "freak show" actually upsets me. I guess it just takes a slightly diff. viewpt but somehow I can't help but feel his displeasure when the "aunties" were busy ruffling his hair and hugging him and he's just a little kid.

I mean, he TOTALLY looks like a kid, I mean he's smaller than any other toddler who was on stage to take photos with him. in terms of built i mean...his face is strangely...mature looking? and has blond hair...I dunno...I felt bad, but I thought to myself, this might be the one and only chance I have to see such a mini-sized guy.

So i did take a photo with him and my mum. It's so unreal to shake his hands...and his voice is be truthful, I was actually quite scared...

Casino visitng was part of the agenda. It was quite fun looking at the gamblers placing bets and trying to figure out how a particular game is played. Poker, Roulette, Tai Sai and MORE... Listening to all the coins dropping from the Jackpot machines is actually quite therapeutic! But my bro and I decided that you really need to have capital in order to have a chance of winning!

Next we watched Walking Tall in the theatre. Yeah it's pretty violent but not too bad a show. At least the good wins...and some parts are rather funny.

The sofa bed wasn't the most comfortable place to spend the night. Plus the Karaoke gg on just above us and me not being very used to the place. I didn't really sleep much but ended up dreaming of gorging myself on a buffet and Weiling telling me what food is good and what is not. Bwahaha...I should stop eating too much. Gives me weird dreams! Felt so full when I woke up!

But of cos, that didn't stop us from eating a HUGE but good breakfast. Special mentions of the yoghurt, cereal and doughnut. bwahaha...

After breakfast we went shopping for facial wash and hang around watching a chef make Dragon Bread Candy. I of cos' kept struggling with myself cos' I didn't know if I should buy liquor at the DFS or not...Purchased the photos, I got myself a keychain as souvenir as usual...and viola! It's actually time for Lunch.

Lunch...nothing too memorable. Oh...the fish was fresher! bwahaha...right.

Went back to the cabin and watched a rugby match btw B....and Crusaders. Ooooo...the Crusaders are CUTE!!!!!!!! Eye candy! =) And with the help of my bro, I learnt to appreciate the game alot more! Guess I shld since my bro's a rugger himself!

Also spent time watching a documentary regarding "beauty" on Discovery Channel. Gained insights as to how come I'm not as pretty as I like to be...bwahaha...and learnt the 1:1618 rule...My gosh...the typically perceived as good-looking people REALLY fit the measurements! It's pretty amazing! So beauty can be partly scientific too! Though it is also very subjective of cos....

Quickly changed into my swimsuit for the jacuzzi at about 4pm. Yes, it was really hot and I was abit mad. But I thought...y wait? I paid for the facilities. Then I went to gym for a supposed kickboxing session which never took place cos' I think I was the only one there who intended to do kb. So I settled for 20 mins of treadmill and 26 on bicycle. Running on the treadmill...looking out at the vast seas is rather incredible..

Oh! Met Nick Shen (Shen Wei Jun) in the gym. .He's the star artiste for this particular cruise and well...he was actually pretty nice, helping an auntie to learn how to operate the treadmill...these celebrities really just look like any one of us. Perhaps cos' he wasn't all that popular, so no one really paid extra attention to him though a few took extra glances. Like me...busy trying to "study" him...haha...too bad I din have any pen or paper on me! No signature this time! ;P Bwahaha....First workout dunno in how long?!?! Meanwhile I was busy burbing garlic...;P

Dinner was Fun! =) It was BBQ party at the pool side. It wasn't great food but desserts were not bad! Chocolatey and of cos' very sweet! Later a few games were played so we stood around and laughed and just relaxed...

Finally, time for Nick Shen's guest performance. We were puzzled as to what he can come up with and well...i must say he did a fairly good job at singing. Chinese songs, Cantonese songs, Hokkien songs and Teochew opera.

Cabin=Hercules plus 2 running and talkative boys! haha...but they are pretty cute albeit naughty. They were saying that they were hungry so off we went for supper! haha...after supper, my bro and I walked ard in hope for some star-gazing...

It was amazing. The number of stars we saw. It's the 2nd time since Chiang Dao that I saw so many stars. It still cannot be compared...but the sky was littered with stars. littered with at least a thousand of them. It's a pity the ship is so brightly lit...but nothing could describe the magical feeling. It's the 1st time my bro saw so many stars and he just kept "cursing" in awe. I was very happy somehow. Just to lie in the middle of no where and stare hard at the sky trying to see as many stars as possible, watching out for the dimmer ones...figuring out the Orion Belt, looking at the "horse", unicorn-like animal. The winds were super strong...but this must b the happiest event ever on the trip.

I kind of ate breakfast twice the next day...haha...dun ask me how. So well...nothing much happened on the cruise subsequently cos' we left at about 10am right after bf.

OKie...till the next time. For a blog on Thurs and min's bday celeb.